Judge Judy Oh Brother

Team Kimberlin idiocy.

Bill Schmalfeldt, the Chief Pro Se Prosecutor of South Carolina, Wisconsin and Maryland is still struggling with legal concepts and the constitution.

He does not understand the basic concept of jurisdiction when filing a civil suit in federal court.  Eight times, the Parkinson’s infected portly one failed to deprive individuals of their homes, wives and fortunes for reporting the truth about him.

Now he wants to claim that the House of Representatives can’t impeach Trump because the Senate GOP would never go along.

IANAL, but as I understand it, the House has sole power of impeachment while the Senate has the sole power to try an impeachment. In other words, only the House can impeach a sitting president and only Senate can remove the president from a trial of impeachment.

By his reckoning, Clinton was never impeached. History says different.

Speaking of failure to have a long term relationship…

I just can’t fathom why he doesn’t have them lining up at his door. The last statement deserves at least a question:  Is that based on experience?

Everyone point, laugh and mock accordingly.

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