Good God

The stupid is strong in Liberal America.

I’ve been catching up a bit on the news and am not shocked to see that liberals continue to fall over themselves because Trump is still the President.

While on my business trip in Chicago, and after a particular long day, I sat at the Lockwood Bar in the Palmer House hotel and listened intently to three liberals discuss politics.  I was fascinated to hear them say that not a single candidate running for their party’s nomination was acceptable.

Two of the individuals, an Asian woman from Oregon and a white male from Colorado, both expressed themselves to be “center-left” while the third person, a while male from Portland, was much farther to the left.  When the subject ultimately turned to Trump, all three believed that Trump will win re-election.

Their primary reason for their somber agreement: The left has become unhinged in it’s obsessive behavior to run as far to the left as possible, offering freebies and unrealistic proposals to the problems they say are facing America.  The Green New Deal was a resounding no.  Cancelling student debt is a non-starter. And while they agreed that wealth tax was probably a good idea, they were more concerned with paying off the debt than expanding government.

The center-left is lost in what has become unhinged political chaos, thanks to the insane liberal hatred of Trump.  The left needs all the allies they can get, but they want to fight imagined outrage battles rather than stop and become rational beings.

While Trump sometimes generate cringe-worthy commentary, all one has to do is wait a few minutes and the left will react exactly as they shouldn’t.  They’ve convinced themselves that the only real way to deal with him is to react outraged at everything thing he does, even if he says things they agree with.  This includes symbols that may be aligned to Trump, no matter how excruciating the stretch.

So it’s no surprise that liberals are triggered at things they see in their heads:

Imagine living your life where you have completely convinced yourself that it’s OK to terrorize yourself because of the person sitting in the White House.  Even worse, consider the strenuous effort for the mental gymnastics moves needed to justify your depression induced fears.

And when Trump wins in 2020, I’ll be enjoying a large bowl of popcorn.


8 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. I saw a recent announcement from Cincinnati that the MLB franchise will be changing their name and team colors after a nearsighted liberal charged the field and took a swing at Joey Votto.

    That might have been The Babylon Bee, I can’t be certain – I was drunk.

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  2. I suggest she wrap a large kerchief around her head so she can’t see and take a big tranquilizer before leaving her house. Alternatively she could get some serious therapy.

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  3. My personal favorites are the people who get truly bent when they spot someone carrying a personal weapon. They rage, they demand the manager throw the monster out of the restaurant, they call the cops, they absolutely cannot function because of the fear thay someone in the same place is armed.
    I like to reassure them that there are probably ten times as many people carrying than just the one they see and they are everywhere and maybe they should reconsider the whole leaving the house thing.

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