Kamala Harris solves the gun violence problem!

Got to be kidding


Listening to this interview, she claims to have legislation that would have stopped gun violence happening now. Her initial statement was that we need more enforcement around gun dealers.  Then she makes a claim that 90% of the guns associated with crimes are only supplied by 5% of the dealers.  She has a specific intent to pour more resources into the ATF to take away the licenses of those dealers who violate the law.

However, this claim was made in 2015 by another democrat lawmaker and the numbers come from a study in 2000 using.. 1998 data.  Since there is no contemporary study, to bolster her claims, Wolfe Blitzer let her get away with it.  Imagine a hard core reporter like Wolfe not knowing about this ridiculous claim.

Another study in Chicago that is more recent – and most likely, more relevant – shows that 25% of the guns used in crimes for the city came from just 10 dealers.  Interestingly, the study conducted by the CPD didn’t share where or how they came up with their numbers. One dealer listed challenged the veracity of the data, but was unable to get anything out of CPD.

Even so, the fact that more guns come from a certain business does not mean the owners did anything wrong. As long as legal transactions take place, the store owners bear no responsibility for patrons who use a gun in a crime.

What is more interesting is how she evaded the question Blitzer asked, challenging “from your perspective, would your policies work?”  She went off on a tangent about how she has visited parents of dead people, looked at too many autopsies, and generally blamed Congress for inaction.  She then went into the, “Congress has 100 days to get me a bill, or I will create an executive order to handle it” shtick.

Not once in the interview did she share any evidence that her claims were the cause, that her policy prescription had empirical evidence of support, or that she actually knew what she was talking about.  She spouted statistics and shared a personal story of consoling families of gun violence, but none of that even remotely tells us she can solve the problem.

In effect, she offers not a single answer that she would do any better, but by golly she has a phone and pen and if she were elected, she’d stop all this nonsense! Too bad Mr. Blitzer was ill equipped to handle this mastery of dumbassery

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