About those new gun laws.

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Not sure Republicans are thinking this out very well.

Realistically, if you want to stop mass shootings, you simply remove all the guns from every single person, including cops and government agencies, from this country. It would be a herculean effort, for sure.

But that’s the only way it can happen.

Notice I said, “mass shootings” and not “mass killings”.  Therein lies the distinction. Democrats and liberals only answer to the former and not the latter.  What argument do they use when a large truck rams through a crowd of individuals?

The latest twist on the recent shootings is the focus on white supremacy and the implications of having an evil ideology arising in our country. Using the manifesto of the El Paso shooter, liberals are screeching this is proof the ideology is killing people.  Even worse, democrats pandering for votes in liberal areas of Iowa say the President is fomenting the rise of white supremacy.

The obvious facts are that liberals have not read the manifesto in any critical way.  They’ve keyed in on specific words and phrases that happen to be used by President Trump and have unequivocally declared that Trump has influenced the shooter to commit murder. It’s clear this narrative lacks credibility using the killer’s own words, but that hasn’t stopped liberals from using failed logic.  Failed logic is a staple of the liberal mindset.

The truth is none of the proposals would have stopped any of these or previous massacres.  The El Paso shooter is not a white supremacist – he is a disgruntled democrat.  The same goes for the shooter in Dayton – he was an Antifa member who supported Elizabeth Warren.

However, the red flag laws pose a unique challenge in that this works for Democrats that Republicans can’t seem to grasp.

Recently, liberal news media and democrat presidential candidates are preaching that white supremacy caused the El Paso shooting.  By clearly setting that narrative, the idea is to make the case that anyone associated with white supremacy is a danger to society.

Red flag laws are meant to allow the government to take away the guns of individuals who are deemed a danger to themselves or others.  Linking the shooting to this ideology, it doesn’t take long for those in power to make the leap that anyone who is labeled a white supremacist is also a danger and can therefore be deprived of their rights.

To further close the loop, they shout, “Anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist!’  And recently, Richard Francis O’Rourke has been saying exactly that. Pete Buttigieg has said it as well.  Even She Guevara herself has offered redemption for people who oppose her ideas since she’s been declaring that anyone who opposes her is a racist and white supremacist.

In other words, MAGA and KAG supporters face being labeled as white supremacists.  Imagine how this might play out from liberal family members who fight with their Trump supporting relatives over Thanksgiving. MAGA family members will see themselves presented with a warrant to remove guns and having to spend thousands of dollars trying to clear their name, all because a disgruntled family member says your political views are basically those of a white supremacist.  Meanwhile, disgruntled leftists continue to use violence and shoot up innocents.

Obviously, it hasn’t come to this as of yet. A growing number of conservatives and Trump supporters are pushing back hard because the necessary protections have not been thought out. The idea of taking a gun away from a law abiding citizen rightfully requires an overly burdensome hurdle for accusers.

Judges must hold to the facts that are definitive to declaring a person is a danger to themselves and others.  In other words, judges will also have to become thought police and bench psychologists. The judicial system hasn’t exactly been stellar in this area, but for some reason, a few Republican’s have bought into this idea they can be when it comes to gun confiscation.

Even so, it won’t stop another massacre.  It will, however, cause many law abiding citizens to lose their guns and potentially create other legal nightmares if liberals get their way.  And Trump stands to lose votes if he signs that kind of legislation.

2 thoughts on “About those new gun laws.

  1. Suppose you get into a conflict with a neighbor over noise or yard maintenance. They could call the police and file a red flag report. there go your guns. Here is my idea for red flag laws. One Complaint is filed with a court. Gun owner is notified of filing a Court date is arranged both parties show up in court and it is decided then the guns in question are taken. filing a false report results in a felony conviction with a minimum 10 year jail sentence. just ideas i am not a lawyer. so I do not know could this be a trump bait and switch.

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