Democrats continue to make mass shootings worse.

Just stop

They are always quick to point blame, but never care about the real problem.

This weekend’s massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, have gripped the democrats in their usual frenzy of who is to blame.

The usual suspects are the GOP, NRA and President Trump.  In the president’s case, the democrats have gone all in on the white supremacist label and declaring that anyone who supports the president is the same.

Trump, as well as all republicans, have gone on record many times and condemned white supremacy and racial violence. But according to the democrats, they are responsible for inciting people to do violence.  Many on the left passionately, if not stupidly, claim Trump was responsible for the El Paso shooter and subsequent massacre.

As long as the liberals and the media continue to get away with the notion that senseless tragedies are a result of opposing political ideology, we increase the odds of these attacks. This may actually be their goal:  Continue to vilify the other side, hope enough attacks occur that pushes public sentiment in their direction to gain more votes during elections.

This all makes sense when you consider the legislation democrats pushed in the house: Universal background checks expanded to private sales and increase the waiting period for purchases to 10 days.  Neither of these proposals would have stopped any prior massacre, but for democrats, that’s not the point: The point is that they passed legislation giving the appearance of doing something.  This is important to secure votes.

Their motives go further:  When the next massacre occurs, the democrats will push their bigger argument of, “We need to ban assault weapons”.  “Assault weapon” is a completely made up political term used to vilify Second Amendment defenders.  The intent is scare people who are afraid of guns into believing that only democrats can protect them.  They hope scared folks will not learn how about guns. In short, it’s about votes which equals power.

What needs to happen is for both sides to sit down and discuss WHY young impressionable men come to believe that a massacre is necessary. This speaks to bigger cultural issues that can shape laws that don’t infringe on the greater population of responsible gun owners.  Liberals aren’t in favor of this simply because it would involve actually looking for a solution which might hurt their chances for regaining power.  See their current legislation.

It’s just a matter of time before the next wacko decides to pull a gun on a group of innocent people in a gun-free zone that could have been prevented if the democrats spent less time pushing false narratives to be outraged than actually demonstrating they are serious about finding solutions. Of course, that would interfere with their plans to gain more power. Until then, innocent people will be victims of massacres by disgruntled leftist young people which will create more graves for democrats to dance upon.

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