What’s wrong with me?

can't even

Besides the fact that I’m racist.

Democrats have managed to make racism impotent by calling conservatives and republicans racist.  All you have to do is say you voted for, support, or even agree with President Trump on anything and you are subsequently inducted into the hall of racists. Real racism in this country is being muted.

Let’s take this as an example:

Trump’s tweets were about asking the squad to go back to their home country, fix their problems, come back and show us how it’s done.  The tweets weren’t racist or even bigoted.  But the liberals got their panties in a wad because it was directed at the members of the squad – four women with bad ideas who happen to be of color.

The President’s next target was Elijah Cummings.  Anyone who has watched this game long enough knows that Trump goes after those who criticize him, especially when they compare him to Nazi’s, call him racist, and tell outright falsehoods as Cummings did in his committee.  The tweets took issue with the dilapidated state of Cumming’s district.

Nancy Pelosi jumped on the “Trump is a racist” bandwagon and highlighted Cummings past activism as if somehow that excuses the rat infestation in his district. Pelosi’s focus was actually on Cummings’ skin color, something Trump never mentioned.  Can you imagine your skin color makes you immune from criticism?  Where can I get some of that?

Democrats are all about skin color.  Martin Luther King, Jr’s message of equality was to focus on the character of a person, not their skin color.  And here are members of Congress who respond to criticism by pulling the race card. Character no long matters.  Results don’t matter.  Terrible ideas that will harm others don’t matter.  What matters is the melanin in your skin and it’s a magical shield against haters making valid criticism of your actions.

The sad thing is how many WHITE democrats expect republicans to be shamed and bend the knee:

I don’t need to prove a thing to democrats. They need to stop responding to legitimate criticism in using the race card.  They also need to hold themselves accountable for their failures to help the people they supposedly represent.

I will admit I enjoyed the ratio on Sally’s tweet.

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