Well, that didn’t go as planned.


The President seems to bring out the worst in them.  Troll Level:  Grand Master.

The recent vote in the House of Representatives to condemn Trump’s tweets over the weekend caused quite the ruckus. There is a certain irony in a visibly upset Nancy Pelosi rebuked for making comments that went beyond house rules in an attempt to get a resolution passed.  Members of her party had to take the unusual step of striking words from her speech. And later, she violated more house rules by leaving the session.

In the end, the vote came and went. As predicted, along party lines, the president was “rebuked” for his “racist tweets” despite decorum lost in the process.  The show demonstrated just how much the President has command of their insanity. Of course, the damage has already been done and a meaningless house resolution won’t offer any sway to voters who were looking for democrats to show they can rise above the fray.

They deserve this, though.  Since Obama encouraged the tactic of “getting into the faces of your opponents”, it’s only sweet delicious irony to watch it happen to the party he led. Now that he is gone, and slowly sinking into the depths of irrelevance, the power brokers in the party are fighting it out.  When it comes to the campaign trail, the visual images of “Do you want crazy democrats or a good economy?” might be a good message!

For all the promises made in 2018 by Democrats to bring sanity to the legislative branch, they’ve chosen run off the cliff like wildebeest.  Many pundits have said that as long as Democrats don’t go crazy and stay focused, they might have a chance to defeat Trump in 2020.

Instead, the squad of freshman mean girls, who have captivated the media that highlight and drool over their every impulse, is the perfect gift to Trump. Pelosi’s fractures were exposed trying to keep the caucus in line, and the media gleefully began to pick sides. They warned that such things would play into Trump’s hands.

Still, they showcased the growing battle lines pitting the establishment against the newcomers. Each side played it out in the press, with the squad resorting to racism after Pelosi dismissed them as single votes. It was only a matter of time before the president would exploit the division in a way that would rattle both the democrats and the media.

As expected, President Trump took to twitter. The message was intended for maximum effect.  The resulting fireworks rivaled some July 4th celebrations.

From the pundits, Trump’s tweets were predictably labeled racist. What other term would they use considering he’s been labeled that way from the beginning? Some even said that with all the problems playing out for democrats, the president gave them a gift! All they had to do was become united and stay focused.  Except, Trump threw some support behind Pelosi. If there is anything Trump Derangement Syndrome has taught us is that anything Trump likes is bad.

Pelosi, for her part, played right into Trump’s hands. You can’t rally the drones when there are still problems in the hive.  The squad, who was not actually named in the tweets, decided to speak. You know the old saying about being silent and fools, right?  Madame Speaker, being so incensed, felt the opportunity was too good to pass up and rushed to get Trump, something the president may have counted on. The results were terrible and the spectacle was another example of just how bad is the affliction of TDS.

This only proves how far gone are the democrats.  Earlier in the day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to throw his weight behind reparations for slavery, a change of heart that might be due to the fact that African Americans aren’t polling well for democrats.  Not surprised that pandering among democrats is becoming more extreme.  A recent article from Politico shows that fundraising for the candidates is drying up.  Perhaps the donors are beginning to see that democrats have little to offer against Trump.

And that’s the real issue. The squad has been attacking the institutions in this country. Omar refuses to answer for her dismissal of 9/11 terrorists as “some people.”   Tlaib is openly antisemitic and supports BDS.  Cortez refuses to condemn the attempted firebombing of facility in Washington state and refuses to back down of her characterization of immigration centers as concentration camps.  Pressley is openly racist, calling for silencing those who don’t conform their established identity political norm.  But the President gets a resolution on tweets calling out this exact behavior.

You can bet that more people will be doing this:

Still 15 months to go.

4 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t go as planned.

  1. When those first tweets hit I thought they were a mistake, and I think they could have been, in only the Fab Four had responded. But once the MSM and elected Dems weighed in it has become more likely another master stroke.
    As for Schumer and the Black vote, I keep in contact with a rather large number of Black former students of mine. They tell me things they say they can’t say in their community. (That’s how I called Trump’s Michigan win). Right now, I’d say Trump might be able to win 30-35% of the Black male vote and 10-15% of the Black female vote. Another 10% of the total Black vote might skip voting for President if the “wrong” person is nominated by the Dems (Warren for sure, as well as Buttigieg [who won’t get it, but as an example], and at least half that many won’t vote for Bernie. Could Kamala get them? Probably, but not at Obama levels, and a lot of my students don’t see her as truly African-American Black because she hasn’t really shared their culture. Biden, who knows?).
    So Trump could get 20% or more of a lowered Black turnout. That would destroy Dem hopes across the Rust Belt as well as in Purple states like VA, ND, and so on.
    We could be looking at maybe a Nixon-McGovern if not a Reagan-Mondale crushing.

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  2. Unlike Gentleman George W or Mittens, Trump fights back. Jonah and David French are displeased, but-

    ‘Bout damn time.

    The Left hates us and will not stop. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

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