False outrage over the border is dangerous.

This is not good

The crisis at the border that was never acknowledged by democrats is suddenly a crisis, but the outrage they project is misplaced.

This tweet seems apropos of the kind of outrage that democrats hope to build opposition to Trump:


The conditions at the border are a result of congressional inaction to effectively shore up the process for asylum claims and immigration law.  Illegals are no longer running from Customs and Border Patrol agents and, instead, are turning themselves in.  The overcrowding resulting from this change, along with more children to create “families” for crossing illegals, forces CBP to release them into neighboring communities with just a piece of paper stamped with a court date.

Democrats exploiting the situation, including presidential contender Cory Booker, are crossing the border and instructing illegals on how to game the system. Staff members of Congresswoman Veronica Escobar are in El Paso helping illegals circumvent the law.  And other democrat legislators have made forays into Mexico bringing camera crews with them which is encouraging other national to come across the border.  From my perspective, these are criminal acts that border on sedition.

The President’s efforts to shore up the wall and combat the problem are met with congressional roadblocks from democrats and lawsuits filed in favorable courts, effectively drawing the courts into the political process.  The slow nature of the legal system gives the liberals the advantage with favorable media.  Democrats are working hard on the messaging for their impending showdown in the 2020 general election.

Alarmingly, individuals living in southeast Asia and from the central continent of Africa, places where Islamic radicals are trying to grow their movements, are crossing in greater numbers. To make matters worse, with so many crossings taxing CBP resources to the brink, the administration is having to deploy members of other organizations within DHS to help with processing.

Democrats would have you believe that Trump’s policies are causing the now acknowledged border crisis. We were told it was all manufactured by stern, robot looking Pelosi and Schumer. Indeed, they have gotten their base to create the false narrative that Trump is responsible for policies that are caging children (it was Obama.)  The terms “concentration camps” and “internment camps”, all products of past Nazi regimes and democrat presidents and slave owners, are thrown about with little push-back from the media.

While the democrats are pearl-clutching over the children, the bigger problem is the potential terrorist threat facing an overwhelmed border patrol.  Earlier today, an explosion at a mall in Miami received rather scant coverage.  Although investigators found a ruptured gas line, the cause has yet to be determined. Thankfully, no one lost their life, but with the current border crisis being exploited by democrats, I can’t help but wonder if nefarious groups are paying very close attention.

Democrats are all in for exploiting the current humanitarian crisis at the border to try and hurt Trump, which is their real nemesis. How will they handle a murderous national security incident that is spawned by their inaction? I pray that nothing like that happens, but I can’t be the only one who sees this as dangerous opportunity for foreign enemies.

5 thoughts on “False outrage over the border is dangerous.

  1. How will they handle a murderous national security incident that is spawned by their inaction?

    They’ll blame it on Trump, naturally. They don’t have to make sense, they just have to be shrill and repetitive. Our complicit media will close the sale for them.

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    • They’re all Catholic and brought their kids?

      (Family reunions for my.mothers side of the family always had people I recognized but couldn’t name to save my life.)

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