Steps on rakes

Stupid is a stupid does.

I am old enough to remember that Barak and Joe were the Prez and Vice-Prez in .. wait for it.. 2016 during the last presidential election, the one Robert Mueller spent almost two years investigating and issued indictments on Russian operatives trying to interfere.

I’m guessing he loves the taste of wooden rake handles.

2 thoughts on “Umm…

  1. Biden is the textbook example of someone who lives inside a bubble. I doubt he’s been corrected on any matter by anyone since he was elected to the Senate.

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  2. The media didn’t even seem to care much when he commented (about leadership) how right after the 1929 Stock Market Crash FDR (who didn’t take office until 1933) “went on television” (which had only recently been invented and which as of 1933 had no real broadcasting capabilities) and reassured the American People.
    He’s living inside a bubble alright, a bubble of Stoopid.

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