Oh FFS..

Just stop

Why do we give in to people who hate America?

The Tennessee Smokies, a Chicago Cubs minor league team, decided to take on Colin Kaepernick by tweeting a picture of the Betsy Ross American flag drawn in dirt.



Connor Pearce, marketing and community relations manager for the Smokies, told the AP on Wednesday night that “it was just a light-hearted take on a current situation.”

The team then deleted the tweet, saying “we did not mean to offend anyone by it. If it did, we certainly apologize.”

The key thing here is the minor-league team’s capitulation to people who were offended for rightly calling out Kaepernick’s anti-American stance.  Being pro-American Flag, pro-American, and pro-USA are not, and should never be considered, offensive.

And yet, people like Kaepernick, who enjoy the liberties and prosperity of being an American, routinely disparage the country because of false narratives driven by race hucksters and political grifters.  Kaepernick’s followers take offense to those who push back or make fun of his reckless utterances.

Now that Kaeperick has influence over the business decisions of Nike, its clear he’s not finished in his quest to remake the country.  Nike, for its part, seems willing to continue is hypocritical business model of using slave labor to produce its products while simultaneously bow to the demands to a washed up football player. Kaepernick pinches his nose of the evil commercial deeds of his sponsor, while objecting to something that was banned by a Republican president and cost the lives of over half a million Americans.

Indeed, Kaepernick’s hatred for America was showcased on July 4th by taking a quote from a speech by Fredrick Douglass out of context in a tweet, cementing his status as an ignorant student of history.

It’s time we stop bowing to imbeciles and hypocrites like Kaepernick. He does nothing constructive to the betterment of .. well.. anything.

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