Things I learned this week.


Let’s just say that Trump Derangement Syndrome is entertaining to watch.

The left is in full blown TDS and they are saying the damnedest things.

I love to pay taxes.

Over 500 people in this country being murdered per day.

Under rule of democratic socialism, you have the power to vote yourself a pay raise!

Other things I learned:

  • The internet is still dead and everyone on the internet is mourning.
  • Democrats, using foreign nationals to create dirt on opponents that later spark criminal investigations, is perfectly fine. What is terrible is if a foreign agent wants to gossip with a campaign and they don’t call the FBI.  Liberals are incensed on a hypothetical but completely silent on their actual deeds.
  • Also, if Democrats use impeachment, it’s patriotism, not politics.
  • John McCain is still a hero of the left because of his opposition to Trump.
  • If an illegal steals your identity, a presidential candidate will just shrug, “Crime happens.”
  • Medicare for all will be cheaper so long as the future follows CBO projections and assumptions.
  • The crisis at the southern border that didn’t exist in February is now a crisis.  Also a crisis, overflow illegals are now being moved to “internment camps”……
  • Joe Biden will cure cancer once he’s elected.
  • A black congresswoman makes a racist rant on the floor against half the voters in the country and thinks that was a good thing.
  • It is unethical for Amazon, like almost every business in the US, to follow the law and minimize its tax payments.
  • A media opinion writer believes a convicted felony sex offender is the right person to challenge Trump.
  • CNN’s Jim Acosta wrote a book and is having hard time trying to convince people he has a story to tell that he doesn’t tell everyday.
  • Speaking of CNN, sexual suggestive jokes are now in vogue thanks to their head honcho.
  • Democrats cleared themselves of wrong doing in the Flint, Michigan water crisis.
  • And finally, that Stacy Abrams is actually the Governor of Georgia in exile.

All democrats had to do was not go crazy, but they’ve managed to break the warp limits each day as their Trump Derangement Syndrome becomes more embodied in their minds.

Not to be outdone, Bernie Sanders delivered this:

I have yet to run into a democrat socialist that can explain how this is supposed to work. Besides, these aren’t rights – they are giveaways built on slavery.

Speaking of rights, the usual suspects have a hard time evading the words that describe their policy:

The 2020 campaign season is shaping up to be the best yet.

4 thoughts on “Things I learned this week.

  1. This Rep. Ilhan Omar is dumber that she looks. “Every day on average 500 people die from gun violence. How many more lives will we let gun violence claim?” is 182500. In 2017 only 13552 murders were committed using firearms of all types. In 2017 only 23,854 suicides were committed using firearms. That is 37406. Math and google is hard.

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  2. Bernie’s “21st Century Economic Bill of Rights” tracks the Soviet Constitution of the late 30′ (the Stalin Constitution) Articles 118-122 pretty closely. Odd, that.

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