Pete Buttigieg wants to “fix” the Supreme Court

Sigh head down

All because the process isn’t producing the results he and fellow democrats want.

From NBC:

In short, it calls for expanding the number of justices from nine to 15, with five affiliated with Democrats, five affiliated with Republicans, and five apolitical justices chosen by the first 10.

His reasoning?

“The reform of not just expanding the number of members but doing it in a way where some of them are selected on a consensus, nonpartisan basis, it’s a very promising way to do it,” Buttigieg said. “There may be others. But the point is, we’ve got to get out of where we are now, where any time there is an opening, there is an apocalyptic, ideological firefight. It harms the court, it harms the country and it leads to outcomes like we have right now.”

Of course, this plan will require changing the constitution since the President is responsible for appointing members to the court.  The problem, as he sees it, is that the process has become too politicized.

It’s also ironic he has no self-awareness of the Democrat party’s own malfeasance in creating the problem he wants to solve.  Democrats blamed Mitch McConnell’s refusal to take up Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland as political gamesmanship.  After Trump won, liberals became unhinged when Neal Gorsuch was nominated, whining that Garland’s nomination was stolen from Obama.

When Justice Anthony Kennedy stepped down, democrats played smear merchants, descending to greater depths of evil unseen in politics.  Republicans on the committee gave the liberals as much administrative rope to see if they would hang themselves. They didn’t disappoint. His solution to the problem solely created by democrats is… to change the system.

This isn’t the only constitutional change that both he and democrats want because of Donald Trump. The Electoral College is still a liberal menace that is slowly being undermined by the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Once enough states that equal 270 electoral votes have joined, tall their votes will go to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, effectively undermining the rules.

While many larger and mostly democrat leaning states have joined, the number is still short of even 200.  Nevada’s governor recently vetoed the state legislature approved bill that would add Nevada’s six electoral votes to the compact. It may be a couple more decades before it will be adopted by enough states. The alternative is to just abolish it and liberals want it to be a campaign issue.  What happens if Trump wins the popular vote in 2020?

The funny thing about these proposals are that they are just fodder for the base. Buttigeig never explains how this improves people’s lives because it only appeals to liberal’s sense of justice.  The Supreme Court doesn’t do the bidding of the liberals in the way they want. The electoral college failed them in electing Donald Trump.  If you can’t make your case to the voters within the rules, then you have to change the rules.  In other words, it’s about power.

Buttigieg is as radical as they come.

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