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The California Democrat caucus is focused on Trump while the state turns to crap.

If there was ever an example of Trump Derangement Syndrome parasitically affecting state officials, it would be in California.  This weekend, democrats are in caucuses railing against Trump.

No crime of conspiracy, but there is a cover-up or something and until Democrats can find what exactly was covered up, our democracy is in serious jeopardy.. or something.  The White Knights of the Republic are looking out for the citizens of California. Example:

The Attorney General of California has made it his personal mission to spend as much local taxpayer money as possible in using the federal courts to politically oppose the President. And he brags about it as if it is a badge of honor.

Unfortunately, California has much bigger problems unrelated to Trump and they are getting worse.

In liberal cities and counties of California, the homeless population has gotten so bad that it’s national news. Local officials trying to deal with the problem continue to promote liberal ideology instead of hard, pragmatic solutions.  Los Angeles can barely pay its teachers and social administrators, but has no problem throwing money at a problem in the hopes it will fix itself.

Just to give you an idea of just how liberal thinking in California is addressing the self-induced homeless crisis:

In 2018, the Legislature passed and Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 1152 into law, requiring doctors in hospitals to provide homeless patients food, clothing and other services before discharging them, and then locating a shelter or home, or a social services provider. Homeless advocates said this was to stop hospitals from “patient dumping” — discharging patients to the streets after treatment, without a plan for additional services.

This isn’t necessarily a bad idea until you understand how this works.  The legislation adds a bureaucratic and financial burden to medical providers without addressing any of the underlying causes.  It’s an act of compassion on the misguided belief that if politicians feel better about their work, the problems will somehow go away.

Speaking of underlying causes, social justice lawmakers want to make sure the appropriate words are used:

Another bill, Assembly Bill 46 by Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo (D-Los Angeles), would enact legislation “to replace derogatory terms with more culturally sensitive terms” when referring to individuals with mental illness – terms such as “insane” and “mental disorder.” It is unclear how this will effectively address the homeless crisis.

Other than making the social justice warriors feel better, I am at a loss how using nicer words addresses these issues.

Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing an additional $1 billion to help local communities build more shelters. The general thought is that by having more permanent housing, it will go a long way towards homelessness.  This again, sounds like a plan that has no real data to support it.

Real data, however tells us something different:

A recent report found that Los Angeles spent $619 million last year on the homeless crisis, but have little to show for it. Officials continue to claim that building housing for the homeless will solve the problem. However, not so long ago Los Angeles authorized the building of tiny homes for homeless.

But the tiny homes became tiny crack houses and heroin dens, as well as health hazards. Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation officials then seized the tiny houses from homeless people in South Los Angeles, in a sweep of areas under freeways after finding needles, drug setups and even a gun.

“Neighbors and other opponents, however, say they provide cover for lawlessness and criminal activity,” the Los Angeles Times reported. ‘They are only homes for prostitution, shooting up, smoking up,’ said June Ellen Richard, 54, who has lived all her life within blocks of one of the freeway overpasses where the tiny houses were parked.”

It’s actually worse.

“The city spent $442 million from Proposition HHH last year developing homeless and affordable apartments, but none of the projects have opened yet and the wait for permanent housing has stretched to an average of 215 days,” the LAT reported recently. “Thus far, the city’s $77-million shelter expansion plan has produced two facilities, with room for 147 people.”

In essence, money is flowing but results are disastrously poor.

“LA county and city governments collectively spend an astonishing $1.1 billion annually on the costs of dealing with its growing homeless population,” Craig Powell of Eye on Sacramento wrote in 2017. Today it must be higher.

Tracking the grants and funding actually going to the homeless in California is becoming more and more difficult as local governments are creating non-profits to do this, where government agencies once managed the funds… and non-profits are not subject to the California Open Records Act.

In short, if you’re a non-profit and want to get in on the action, set up shop in California and claim you want to help the homeless. Be sure to declare your hate for Trump to boost your creds and you can get taxpayer money without any oversight, whether or not you actually help any homeless people – or even the token ones.

But California is all about opposing Trump and the elites are all over it.

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  1. To be fair, Greg Abbot made a name for himself suing the daylights out of the Obama administration as the Texas AG. The thing he did differently was that he won, alot.

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