Abortion talking points

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From my perspective.

Liberals are falling over themselves clutching their pearls because of the highly restrictive abortion laws passed in Alabama,  and soon in the states of Missouri and Louisiana.

I can’t help but wonder: What exactly did liberals expect to happen?  It was only a few short months ago that Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam articulated how a mother could make the decision to kill her child moments before or after it was born.  His gruesome step-by- step account did not sit well with virtually anyone with a sense of moral decency.

Hardcore liberals brushed it off claiming that even if such a decision were made, it is very rare scenario. In fact, some were taking the argument even further that even if the fetus were born, it will still be an extension of the woman’s body.  What kind of ghoul makes that kind of argument?

Of course, these sick individuals resorted to the same tired tropes when the legislation was passed and signed into law:  It’s all about men controlling women’s bodies; men are turning back the clock on reproductive rights (whatever that is); and men are taking away healthcare for women.  Some have even falsely claimed men want women having abortions to go to jail. How ironic the left assumed the gender of both the originator of the bill, and the governor who signed it: Both are women, and many more women fully support the legislation.

In short, the left got what they deserved. Their constant bullying in support of these barbaric practices naturally created a more powerful response.  Imagine how different it might be had they chosen to not only rebuke Governor Northam’s racism, but his nonchalant description of how to murder a baby and still call it “abortion”.  Whether the Supreme Court will take the case, and even rule remains to be seen, but those who advocate for the innocent and vulnerable unborn have responded in a big way.

5 thoughts on “Abortion talking points

    • I have a theory there are people who purposefully stir up these issues as to cause unrest. There was no need for Virginia to try to legalize infanticide, but for some reason the Democrats decided to do it. The Alabama law is just as extreme, the other way.

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  1. Remember one horrific but unexpected thing: the argument over killing the unborn is the SAME argument that Democrats used in the 1800s to defend slavery – that the victims aren’t persons and any move towards abolishment of the practice is an oppressive assault on people’s rights.

    And yeah, I think it’s going to end the same way too.

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