shocked face

Who’d have thunk it?

Over at Hogewash!, John Hoge shares an interesting development in one of the cases he’s been tracking.

So it may be that Bill Schmalfeldt’s ineptly conducted pro se lawfare will provide support for the dismissal of a suit against Alex Jones.

My hope is that a judgment comes down for dismissal and that a Schmalfeldt case is referenced in the opinion.  If it does, I hope my insurance covers sprained lulz muscles.


4 thoughts on “Heh…

  1. Well pop my balloon! That’s going to cause Bill to imbibe the footlong for hours on end. He’s such a drain on the mayonnaise resource at Casa Schmalfeldt.

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  2. It would be true Karma if Schmalfledt’s failures are cited and become precedent of what NOT to do in a lawsuit. It would bring his legal skills into line with the rest of his “abilities”. He is an absolute failure in life.

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    • But is he really an absolute failure if the absoluteness of his life of failure is an example of how dismal absolute failure can be?
      Ow!! Thinking that made my head hurt. His absolute failure is painful to me, if not to him.

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