Colorado STEM school shooting has a familiar ring

Highland Ranch Vigil

The Highland Ranch students walk out of vigil in defiance of liberals hijacking their memorial.

Earlier this week, the STEM school Highlands Ranch students faced off against a couple troubled students seeking revenge with a gun and the end result was a tragic loss of life for student heroes who chose to confront the shooters. Kendrick Ray Castillo lost his life confronting the shooters along side another student. Their actions helped prevent other students from losing their lives.

Liberal outrage flooded social media alongside the normal crisis pearl clutching anti-gun groups exalting this tragedy was the result of the nefarious GOP and it’s puppet master, the NRA.

Unlike Parkland, the leftists ran into a problem.  It seems the vigil planned by anti-2A groups backfired.

Wonder why?


Students were not interested in the political theater of the “adults” in front of a salivating media.  Instead, they wanted the focus to be on mourning their fellow students and the adults to provide leadership in dealing with the lead-up to their tragedy.

Parents have raised alarms about the potential for a repeat of Columbine due to environment within the school.

The parent called a member of the county Board of Education to express “concerns about student violence due to a high-pressure environment,” according to the letter. The parent referenced an alleged bomb threat and other student clashes as evidence that the school could become the site of another Columbine, the infamous school shooting that occurred 20 years ago, only around seven miles from STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Douglas County School District official Daniel Winsor wrote the letter in December to STEM’s executive director. He noted that the parent complained that “many students are suicidal and violent in school. Several students have reported sexual assault in school and that nothing is being done.”

Winsor asked the school’s executive director to “investigate the allegations … determine their legitimacy and to take any remedial action that may be appropriate.”

“The concerns expressed by this individual are very serious and need to be looked into to the extent possible. Please keep (the district) apprised of your investigation and conclusions,” wrote Winsor, the district’s director of choice programming.

School officials supposedly conducted investigations into the allegations. In a letter to parents in February, the executive director claimed there was no basis alarm despite not addressing any of the concerns raised.

At the same time, a lawsuit was filed by the school against an anonymous individual they say made defamatory statements.  Ironically, the article shares that there have been other problems brought to the attention of school officials with disappointing results.

The broader point is that the school was sent warnings about potential problems raised by both parents and local officials.  The major concern was the adversarial environment students faced. Instead of taking a hard look within the school, the executive leadership chose to ignore them.  The result is yet another senseless loss of promising young lives.

Just like the Parkland shooting, the system and its leaders failed the students. Liberals, for their part, jumped at the chance to vilify the NRA and law abiding citizens as the culprit. They see guns as the problem, but ignore all the triggers that happen well before a young mind makes that fateful choice to address their injustices using a gun.

Unfortunately, the moment for students to mourn their classmates was hijacked by these nefarious political operatives intent on capitalizing the senseless killings.  Even the media provided cover by publishing false headlines to keep the narrative in the forefront.

A school shooting is a tragedy that should bring people together to ask why such young people succumb to evil.  Instead, liberals use the bodies of victims as their bully-pulpit to screech false narratives, ignoring the real problems.  The STEM students would have none of it – they took a stand.  Maybe the “adults” will listen.

I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, we honor another hero.

God Bless you and your family, Kendrick. May you rest in peace in the arms of our Lord.

4 thoughts on “Colorado STEM school shooting has a familiar ring

  1. They used to wait until after the victims were buried then started preaching gun control now the victims are even identified (as at parkland) and now they do this every time this happens they need to show respect for the victims and the survivors and stow the ANTI-GUN AND ANTI NRA DIATRIBES until after the victims are buried and the families have a chance to heal. They are a bunch of jackasses.

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  2. “We did not hold our elected officials accountable as they were loosening the sensible gun regulations that were keeping us safe…”

    Anyone have any idea whatsoever what this crazy woman is talking about?

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  3. Apparenlty there were plenty of warnings that something bad was going to happen at this school, just like there was with Parkland. Again, the administrators swept the parents concerns under the rug and it resulted in needless death. Will anyone hold school officials accountable this time? Doubtful. Blame the NRA and guns. It’s much easier than confronting the real causes.

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