Dumbass Tweet O’Day



Some Uber and Lyft drivers are doing quite well.  Most are doing fine, but there is a rather vocal minority who are getting face time in the media to talk about how they are struggling and that the company should share more of its profits.

But, AOC wants everyone to stop using these services, which essentially means any driver who are doing fine are deprived pay that supports their families and puts food on the table.

From depriving her constituents of jobs from the collapse of the Amazon headquarters deal, she seems intent on complaining about companies not doing enough to help families while sabotaging the economy.  Smart girl.



7 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’Day

      • The dumbest part is that by reducing demand for rideshare when the drivers are supposedly on strike, she’s undermining what a strike is supposed to do: leave a company with demand for services it is unable to provide without labor. Which goes to show how stupid she is, and that the ‘strike’ is fake, just a stunt by a vocal minority of unsuccessful operators.

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        • Back home we’d say, “That there girl just ain’t right in the head.” And no one would pay any attention to her ravings, but in NYC and DC and . . . well . . .

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  1. I’m a hardcore Republican but in regards to Uber I could tell you that your publication is totally wrong when you say that Uber drivers are doing well, that is not true Uber have consistently cutting the rates tu drivers and rising prices on passenger it’s been getting to tghe point that I’m driving about 12 to 14 hours a day to meet needs. I’m on the job market again cause to make about $14 to $15 average An hour and from that i have to pay for gas, maintenance and depreciation of the vehicle, what is it that I have left???? Nothing…. I think this is the only issue that I agree with her…. We shouldn’t follow the Dems modus operandi, in which they go against anything Trump stands for because they hate him… The fact that we don’t stand for any of her crazy socialist ideal does not mean that in this specific issue she’s not right and we should support at least the issue not her…


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