What an interesting week.


The President continues to make fools of the liberals.

I’ve been traveling in the upper midwest with the Rule 5 wife, Mrs. Sonoran Conservative, and looking at new opportunities over the past few weeks.  So it was not lost on us when the new economic reports came out for April showing that, not only is job growth continuing to defy the pundits, we’ve experienced first hand the positive changes that brought us to this point.

When I first started this blog, I had wrote about the harsh reality of Obamacare and the impact it had on my health insurance policy.  I’ve had very few health issues until one day, my gall bladder became inflamed – yes, inflamed – and required me to have surgery to remove it. Because my wife and I had not used up all of our deductible during the year (surgery was scheduled after Thanksgiving) we were faced with a bill of over $7,000. This was our first year under the new “ACA policies” my company at the time was rolling out.

We had only a been married for a couple of years and I was still recovering financially from my prior divorce. Our only opportunity to pay off that bill was to use the last of our savings and borrow against my 401K.  Even though I negotiated a thousand bucks off the bill, it still hurt me financially.  It took a few more years before I was able to pay it off.

While I had a good job, finding a job with at least a modest increase in salary remained elusive.  Indeed, my own company had issued a directive that software engineer positions for the global commercial divisions could only hire “non-US based offshore resources.” Advancement was limited to upper areas because we were always in a state of reorganization and when you’re good at your job, they insist you keep at it.

The irony in all this came from an old Presidential debate in 2012 where Obama had claimed that corporations were given tax breaks for hiring overseas.  Romney expressed exasperation and Obama rightly received criticism that no such thing existed.  He was incapable of understanding basic economics, much less the tax code which has enormous influence on the economy.

Yet, under the Obama administration, many global companies had asked for H-1B visa expansion while simultaneously shopped India and Southeast Asia for cheap labor in lieu of more qualified American workers.  This was business as usual under his administration. So when Obama stood in front of an Indiana crowd in June of 2016, he chided Trump for the “how” on fulfilling a campaign promise to bring back jobs that had moved overseas.

“.. some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back..”, then President Obama said.

One could easily say that Obama’s own policies were a significant factor in this new established reality, something he didn’t apologize for but wanted voters to accept, if not appreciate.

What Obama didn’t understand, besides reality, is that Trump’s answer of making better trade deals, reducing regulations, cutting taxes, imposing tariffs against bad trading partners, and opening up American energy are proven economic principles of growth.  Obama surrounded himself with academics without real world experience in the business world. Despite that, Obama surrogates are quick to point out that it was the former president’s policies that began the recovery from the recession which started in 2008.  The problem with this view stems from the false notion that there was actually a recovery that resembled an awakening of American business – it wasn’t.

The truth is that global elitists had prospered, but not the middle class. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and others have recently began acknowledging the era of Obama was not exactly great for average workers, which goes against liberal dogma:  The US was better under Obama, if only for the feels.

In fact, despite evidence that wage growth, job creation and middle class rise in wealth, the democrats refuse to give Trump any credit at all for the historic gains under his watch. While my own case is purely anecdotal, I am not the only one experiencing economic revival. Even one other person I know has been hired across the country despite his own sordid past and the claim of a debilitating diagnosis that almost killed him towards the end of the Obama era.  And yet, he loathes the president.

Over the past year, I have traveled quite a bit to many places. I have many liberal friends on social media and through my work. I have listened to conversations where these people recognize that things are remarkably better under Trump.  It’s true that not all people are better off. Those who are inflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome seem more angry, bitter, and often use him as an excuse rather than participate in taking advantage of better economic times.

I have a colleague who is staunchly anti-Trump.  Anyone who doesn’t outright condemn the President is complicit in furthering the destruction of America.  It’s gotten so bad, this person has had to take several “personal” days after watching Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper tell her the terrible things Trump is doing.  I’m not sure how many more personal days she’ll be able to take, but when she said, “I can’t imagine it was this bad for you under Obama”, I had to smile and say, “No, I can’t say that I was afflicted in the same way. I didn’t like him being President, but I never took personal time off through every news cycle.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is becoming a real epidemic, and like my colleague, the democrats have yet to reach the peak of its affliction. Now that Mueller has found no collusion and Attorney General Barr won’t bring any charges against the President, this past week has seen a monumental exercise in legislative stupidity.

Congress has historically low approval numbers and have not improved since Pelosi  et al, have taken over the house.  After the mid-term elections, Federalist author Mollie Hemingway shared that she overheard plans by Representative Jerry Nadler to impeach both Kavanaugh and Trump.  Pelosi has chosen to take a different path and not talk about impeachment.  She recognizes just how fragile, even if she doesn’t show it, the democrat position is when so many seats in their majority were won by razor thin margins.

Nadler, on the other hand, is already set on impeachment and is trying to navigate that bumpy road.  However, he didn’t count on Barr being resistant to his demands. So now, Nadler needs to save face. The problem Nadler has is that, by law, Barr cannot give him what he wants.  A contempt citation because the Attorney General is following the law seems very different than one where the Attorney General is actually violating the law by say.. oh.. giving weapons to the Mexican cartels. Nadler stands to make himself look more foolish.

Even worse, Nancy Pelosi has bought into going after Barr. By boldly proclaiming Barr is lying, even though anyone who can read and listen to video know she hasn’t a clue as to what she’s talking about, she is tacitly expressing approval to make Barr the target of attacks. Barr, for his part, seems content  Good luck with that.

The next week will be interesting as Trump battles the democrats.  If there is something to watch for, it will be the upcoming infrastructure negotiations that Senator Chuck Schumer says Trump did not mention the investigations during those talks. In fact, word is the President was quite warm and welcoming.  If anyone is paying attention, Trump has laid the trap.  How much do you want to bet the democrats step right in it?

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  1. At this point the entire Democratic apparatus is looking more and more as if it were designed and is being run by Wile E. Coyote, Certified Genius.

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