Liberal Extremism


It’s nothing new.

Liberal extremism continues to make its way into mainstream democrat policy.

While Ralph Northam talked about a hypothetical mom deciding last minute to abort her child during delivery, the honorable democrat from Alabama goes even further.

Here is another democrat talking about suffering that is taking place in another country.

Democrats love killing babies and they love socialism which also kills its citizens. Rep. Ilhan cried incitement when her views were characterized as un-American.  Then again, mean old America is responsible for Venezuelan government forces mowing down its own citizens who have seen their government fail on its socialist promises.

In short, liberals acceptance of extremism means death to innocents by the government officials meant to protect a person’s inalienable rights.  This is the American Democrat party.

1 thought on “Liberal Extremism

  1. Let’s see. Last year about 800,000 babies were aborted. In that same year approximately zero prisoners were executed via the electric chair. (I’m pretty sure no State uses Ol’ Sparky any more, but I doubt that clown Rogers is aware of that.) Is he trying to say that only those babies we know would have ended up in the electric chair were aborted?

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