Not understanding the problem


You would think the left would emphatically embrace this idea.

California is considered a “sanctuary state”.  Albuquerque is a sanctuary city.  So are Chicago and Boston.  Concerned liberal lawmakers are all about protecting illegals and giving them taxpayer handouts.

This past week, liberals were all incensed about a plan by the Trump administration to send the swarm of immigrants awaiting their hearings to these cities.

From the Hill:

“We can give them an unlimited supply [of migrants] and let’s see if they’re so happy,” Trump said later Friday at a White House event where he doubled down on the idea. “They say ‘we have open arms.’ They’re always saying they have open arms. Let’s see if they have open arms.”

Trump’s comments breathed new life into the proposal, which could further rile lawmakers in Washington who say the president is going too far in his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Not sure what the controversy is all about considering most of these “sanctuary” cities celebrated with their virtue signal middle fingers upon passage of these compassionate laws.

Of course, here’s how the left portrays it:

As I understand it, liberals want open borders.  They passed laws in cities and states around the country to offer illegals protection against being deported and offered to spend taxpayer money for social services and legal representation.

Trump, for his part, says, “If you want to protect them, here are some more for you!”  I’m not seeing the problem here.  I’m sure most of the liberal city and county commissioners would actively embrace welcoming these persecuted folks and I’m quite sure they can find the money to help.

What do you suppose will happen?

3 thoughts on “Not understanding the problem

  1. In truth, the Left’s response to this idea – THAT WAS REJECTED BY EVERYBODY – is the same as their response to everything:


    Those of us with even a tiny bit of real world experience understand where great ideas come from: bad ideas.

    This is why kings have jesters and fools. They highlight the absurd, the stupid, the impossible, so these concepts can be rejected and/or modified and pared down to the one bit of working truth that can be used, which in this case turns out to be: “Hey! Let’s see if we can make every Democrat stomp their own hypocritical lying junk on the topic of illegal immigration. I got $10 says they will, who wants some?”

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  2. These people have been endlessly dronig on about how illegal immigrants are wonderful people just looking for a better life, who have a positive effect on the economy and other aspects of life wherever they go. They’ve insisted that illegal immigrants don’t take government aid, they don’t even qualify for it, blah blah blah.

    Hoist them on their own fucking petard.

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    • Ah, but the problem is they already have control of the sanctuary cities. They want the illegals out in the region’s they don’t control so they can have them illegally vote for Democrats.

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