Pete Buttigieg is what’s wrong with the Left.


It’s like they want Trump to be elected again.

Pete Buttigieg is the mayor of a city that also happens to be in Vice President Mike Pence’s home state.  Over the last few weeks, Mayor Pete has been using the Vice President as a punching bag for tired, debunked tropes that the Vice President hates LGBQT peeps and wants to subject all of them to some sort of christian inspired conversion therapy.

None of the things Mayor Pete says about Pence are true.  Pence, for his part, has handled the criticisms with grace and dignity.  Still, Buttigieg continues on his path to kick up as much dust to hide the real disaster that is his platform.

Each of the Democrat 2020 candidates have expressed their desire to unite the country and claim they are the ones who can do so.  But when you listen to what they actually say, they spend time invoking white christian shame as if somehow, this is the source of problems in this country.  Its seems to be all the rage to lash out and place blame at the feet of middle class white Christian Americans just to stay in power.

For Buttigieg, it’s all about targeting Pence because he wants to be seen as a victim. Democrat candidates need to have victims in which to prop up their campaigns. Buttigieg wants to be the showcase victim despite Pence having no problem swearing in individuals into government service from the LGBQT community as part of his duties.  In fact, other than signing a religious freedom bill in law as Governor of Indiana to protect against activists liberals from hurting the livelihood of decent Americans, he has expressed no ill will towards any human being.

The worst part is how Buttigieg characterizes Pence’s beliefs as attacks on his existence. Mayor Pete has decided that if you are to have beliefs, they must conform to his interpretation.  I would like to remind the Mayor that Islam sees homosexuality and transsexuals as abominations and that religion is also part of American culture.

Can you guess why Mayor Pete is incredibly silent on Islam, but not on Pence?  Jesus has a saying about hypocrites.

3 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg is what’s wrong with the Left.

  1. I’m going to dispute you slightly. Islam, for some reason, doesn’t regard a man mutilated so as to simulate a woman, who has sex with men, as a homosexual, so such a man is only treated as poorly as an actual woman, rather than subject to defenestration. Pretty sure Islam also sort of ignores the existence of lesbians, because Muslim men aren’t expected to care about women’s sexual preferences.

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    • What is wrong with the MJ’s post, Pete2020?

      Perhaps you could explain how Pete’s disasterous record as mayor of South Bend is a qualification for president? He managed to get their murder rate above Chicago.

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