Oh Dear Lord..

Good God

Nancy Pelosi can’t help herself.

Since the bombshell Special Counsel report from Robert Mueller that found no collusion nor a crime of obstruction, the left is now a train of stupid.

Nancy Pelosi has pivoted the democrats towards Trump’s tax returns.

Except there is a problem.  Anyone’s tax returns can be supplied to the committees in Congress.  She also states correctly that the President’s tax returns must be audited by the IRS.  Oh, and that Congress has oversight of the IRS.

What she tries to imply is that because the IRS is required to audit the President’s (and Vice President’s) tax returns, Pelosi insinuates that not only can the democrats get his returns, they can oversee the audit process.  And to make matters worse, she suggests that such requests have never been denied.

Here’s what she fails to mention. Under 26 U.S. Code § 6103 section (f) every subsection ends with this:

“except that any return or return information which can be associated with, or otherwise identify, directly or indirectly, a particular taxpayer shall be furnished to such committee only when sitting in closed executive session unless such taxpayer otherwise consents in writing to such disclosure.”

So while committees and their members can see his returns, they must do so in closed session.  Wonder what would happen after meeting in a closed session?

What Pelosi has failed mention is that while no requests have been denied, it has not been tested for legality as it relates to whether the Congress has authority to investigate someone’s tax returns for political purposes.  The law’s intent is to help the committee in shaping tax policy, not to go on political fishing expeditions because their candidate lost an election.  This represents abuse of power that should frighten every single freedom loving American.

Besides, there is another candidate who promised to share his but it’s taking quite a while.

For a socialist who is supposed to live frugally while criticizing the wealthy, he sure is dotting a lot of ‘i’s”.  Wonder what he’s hiding?


4 thoughts on “Oh Dear Lord..

  1. Surely I am not the only one who heard Mr Trump promise to release his returns in 2016. Surely this predates Bernie Sanders’ promise and he isn’t even the President (who is supposed to release his tax returns in the interests of transparency)


    • He did. And he also said as soon as he’s no longer under audit.

      Any candidate who releases their returns freely is one thing. It’s fundamentally wrong for Congress to arbitrarily decide that because their preferred candidate lost, it gives them power to ignore the winning candidate’s prerogative.

      This is all about abuse of power.

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      • “who is supposed to release his tax returns in the interests of transparency”. There is no requirement to do so however.

        And I think that after 2 years of investigations by 40 FBI agents and 12 attorneys, his life is pretty transparent.

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    • No, he’s not “supposed to” under any law, rule, or policy of the United States. I also heard no such promise. I heard a conditional expression of willingness. The conditions have never been met, and in the interim Trump’s actual rights have been violated a number of times by the press and other left-wing activists, and I’d say he’s entirely justified in no longer being willing to show his returns.

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