So this happened.

You're actually serious

While I have been busy, it would seem that a certain someone is practicing comedy.. or something.


Bill Schmalfeldt’s return to Twitter has been lackluster, if not predictable.  Since he lost his job in Havre, Montana, he returned to South Carolina to take advantage of yet another internet radio station trial offer.  In his new account, he started following a number Parkinson’s related accounts and retweeting their posts to show he’s back in the disease.. er.. game.

One of my little birdies captured this and, I have to say, I really had to laugh.  What are the supposed quack cures and bogus plans to “reverse” the effects of Parkinson’s?

For those following, I can name a few that have worked on him.

  • Moving to a renovated convent near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after your caretaker wife dies.
  • A pledge to make a video while traveling the country to “discover America” –  if you donate $15,000 to a specific GoFundMe page.
  • Buying a car and driving across the country to hook up with a middle aged woman who likes to play video games.

All of these things have helped Mr. Schmalfeldt recover from the advanced stages of Parkinson’s Disease.  I have documented this through a number of posts, but let’s do a quick recap:

In 2009, he gave up driving because the progression of the disease caused him not trust his instincts. His wife took over shuttling him around.

In 2012, he was so paralyzed by the disease that he could hardly walk on a treadmill.  He claimed this was a result of the progressive nature of the disease in a website posting.

In 2013, he lamented that people were going to kill him for holding him accountable for his online harassment.


His claim of having advanced Parkinson’s Disease and being relegated to permanent assisted care would be plausible based on how he describes his condition.

And yet….

After his wife’s death in 2015, he left Maryland for Wisconsin.  Interestingly, he made this comment on one of my posts which is still in moderation:

Then, explain why the people who treat Parkinson’s advise exercise as part of their long-term treatment of the disease. I admit, I did not do things I could have done for myself when Gail was well. But when I lost her, I had to fend for myself. The more I engaged in the world and did the things I needed to do, the stronger I got.

But while in the care of his wife, he couldn’t get better. Until, that is, she died.

I have never blamed Gail for anything. I had a wife who loved me, who took care of me, and I allowed myself to be taken care of. She died. I had to fend for myself. I got better at it every day. That is only hard to believe if you are determined not to believe it.

You’re not supposed to get better.  It doesn’t work that way!

In 2016, he bought a car, got a drivers license and felt he had recovered just enough that in early 2017, he asked for money to drive around the country to make a video about America – in 35 days.  In late spring of that year, he drove from Iowa to South Carolina, in a car twice.

Still, this was the most bewildering comment in his attempt to get me to shut up for reporting on his activities and his “progressive disease”:

Who said I went from Stage IV to Stage I? Other than you and your fellow lickspittles, that is? I am still Stage IV. That means something different to every person with the diagnosis. If you had a clue of what you are talking about, you’d know that.

The stages of Parkinson’s Disease are meant to help those providing assistance to understand how to help care for the person afflicted.  These describe the physical limitations of the patient and they are precise.  Over the years these have evolved as more information about the disease is learned, but what has not changed is that people DO NOT ever get better.

After his caretaker wife died, he was forced to get better, without therapy, medication or other protocols.

Schmalfeldt knows that Parkinson’s Fact’s remedies do not work.  Wonder why?

tom hanks hmmm

7 thoughts on “So this happened.

    • The only one who still believes his cons is the “fiance”.
      She still thinks that a marriage will happen. LOL
      If it ain’t happened by now, after following him through numerous moves, multiple deserted pets, and several short term jobs; it ain’t ever going to happen.

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  1. There is now a test that can confirm PD. Will Schmalfeldt have the balls to take it? I’d think not. It would ruin his continued sucking of the public tit.

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