Busy week.

raining popcorn

Not just for me, but for the liberals trying to find new places to put the goalposts.

I’ve been out of the loop a bit dealing with some family matters, clients, and other things more important than say, who was talking to Russians during the 2016 presidential elections.  It doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has completed his report with no indictments of any Americans colluding with the Russians to deny Hillary Clinton the Oval Office.  Liberals, of course, who were adamant that Mueller was going to give them a Christmas gift to remove Trump from office in 2017 – and again in 2018 – are suffering the worst.

Mueller’s investigation included the convictions of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates for tax and process crimes as unregistered foreign lobbyists.  He forced guilty pleas from George Papoudaplous and General Mike Flynn for lying about meaningless meetings with foreign agents and diplomats (Flynn still awaits sentencing.)  Michael Cohen’s conviction was the result of a referral to the Southern District of NY where he pled guilty to a number of crimes related to his shady taxi business, bad lawyering, and some fake election laws.  Roger Stone has been indicted for lying to Congress and awaits trial.

As for non-Americans, several Russians and Russian-based companies were indicted for attempts to influence the election using social media.  The extent that their efforts influenced unwitting Americans to change votes away from Hillary is unknown and likely non-existent.  From the liberal’s point of view, trying to find that number is unimportant.  Instead, Trump’s shocking victory greatly offended them and Mueller was the best hope to get him removed so they would have a fair chance of winning in 2020.

Since her fantastic failure in 2016, Hillary has lamented so many things unrelated to the Russians:  Conservative husbands forced their women to not vote or vote for Trump; conservative women are brainwashed by other men; the GOP suppressed the minority vote; the Trump deplorables are not smart enough to escape the influence of Trump.

Most of the resistance, tho, has been focusing on Mueller and the long hope that the FBI would raid the White House and arrest Trump.  They threw all their eggs into this basket once they convinced themselves that was the only way Trump won the election – with help from the Russians he somehow conspired with computer hackers creating hundreds of meme posts on social media!

While Trump was overtly critical of the investigation, he and his lawyers cooperated on a grand scale, providing over a million documents and hundreds of hours of testimony from administration officials and campaign associates.  Despite all that cooperation, not a single American was indicted for helping the Russians beat Hillary. In fact, none of the indicted Russians had links to any American.

If the purpose of the Special Counsel investigation was to investigate links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and bring the players to justice, it failed. To that end, the investigation generated Russian indictments of their activities to influence the election, but the chances of any trial showing the extent, and indeed, the effectiveness of that operation is slim.

While the details have yet to be released, the democrats are desperate to find out what’s in the report so the fundraising emails can be sent showing either Mueller’s probe was not thorough enough, or that Trump somehow obstructed the process.  Ultimately, their end goal fell way short via Mueller and the democrats hope to use other means get Trump out of office before the election.  After all, he is still a threat to their personal well-being.

What is for certain are that democrats have egg on their face.  They have been making rounds on the talk shows since it started saying Mueller has something. Turns out, not only has Trump eluded any hint of an indictment, they’ve decided there is a need to go further – there has to be some kind of crime that needs to be found to support their original deception to voters, which is to impeach Trump. And they will go after as many people as possible to find it.

If that doesn’t scare people, it should.  Imagine that you are on the wrong side politically against those elected to power.  They will use their power to force innocent citizens to spend their money into destitution, even if they find no wrongdoing.  That should be criminal in of itself.  Indeed, congressional members making false claims and pushing conspiracy theories directed at those in their cross-hairs suffer no retribution.  That should be changed.

In the meantime, I would expect there are some details in there about Trump, but whether it will all come to light is another thing.  If there is one humorous revelation in all this is that Comey broke DOJ policy when it came to Clinton’s investigation.  He may have been trying to save Clinton’s nomination through “transparency” to say, “No, she’s not a criminal.”  Neither Clinton, nor Comey, works for the government because of how they handled themselves following the rules.  I would be in favor of releasing the entire report but I would understand if there are things in there that need to be kept confidential by the department’s own rules.  And who is to say that which is kept secret is related to Trump himself.

Meanwhile, the popcorn is popping.

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so much on and off, all day. I’ve been remodeling one of my palatial estates this week, putting up kitchen cabinets. It’s not exactly genius work, so my mind wanders a bit, and I keep just snickering over the Left’s collective meltdown.

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