Dumbass Tweet (from Instagram) O’Day

Good God

You’ll never guess who…

It starts here:

The thread covers a number captured segments from her Instagram Live stream, but most notable moments are:

And by notable, I mean she is pretty much a disaster.

Her embrace of the “scientific consensus” demonstrates clearly she doesn’t understand science. She is only expressing it from the social justice perspective thanks to the number of scientists who have abandoned scientific principles in favor of advocacy.  Those doomsayers have been using social media platforms to enlist members to support “the cause” – the same one referenced in the Climate Gate emails.

As far as Venezuela is concerned, the country’s dictatorship was the natural result from adoption of socialism.  History has shown wherever it has been implemented, dictators rise, people die and countries collapse.  But the more insane one is where she claims the failure of capitalism was represented by Zimbabwe.  Really?

She has a lot to learn about history, but if there is one takeaway it’s this: Social Justice and its movement is a cancer on our society, especially the education system.  I snicker when I hear leftists talk about how those who live in flyover country are not well educated.  She came from wealth and good schools. She shows no sign that any of her instructors really challenged her.

And yet I know animals that are smarter than her.  I would bet she would struggle in a show called “Are you smarter than an amoeba?”

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