She’s in charge now.

can't even

The young freshman Congresswoman from NY has let power go to her head.  Totally unexpected.

The first problem is that there isn’t, nor has there been, a “climate crisis”.  While it’s true that it snowed as far south as Tucson, Arizona on Friday, the purported global warming that is so dangerous has yet to materialize.

But the question that AOC and her fascist.. er.. socialist.. uh.. peeps can’t answer is this: How does a redistribution of wealth through taxation and radical changes to our economy going to alter the climate back to whatever is supposedly normal?

And the answer is: It won’t. AOC’s plan will not fix the global climate crisis that only lives in a computer.  Instead, her tweet has confirmed what many have already concluded:  She, like all socialists past and present, is in this for power and is using a contrived “future emergency” as justification.  The kids who approached Senator Feinstein yesterday shows just how far these people will go to indoctrinate the young to use as weapons.

Wonder where and when that has happened before?


4 thoughts on “She’s in charge now.

  1. “They” have a 54% majority in one half of a two chambered government body, which is one third of the organs of the government. .54 x .5 x .333 = .089 or 9%. Not exactly an iron grip there, AOC.

    Until someone has a realistic proposal to destroy the coal plants in China, any solution to reduce carbon emissions to deal with “climate change” is useless.

    And it bears repeating again, and again, and again: The climate has been changing on this planet for billions of years. It is pure conceit to assume humans are responsible for any current changes in the climate, or to assume some arbitrary point within the last 200 years or so is the “correct” climate. We humans have been here on this planet for only an instant in geological time frames. If, somehow, what these climate fear mongers say will happen comes true, and humanity destroys itself and reshapes the planet, in a million years, when the arachnid archeologists are digging through this time period in the history of the earth, they will think there was cataclysmic event like a comet that killed the dinosaurs, rather than humans existed, because we have been here such a short time.

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