McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

So many things wrong about this.

Some children approached California Senator Diane Feinstein in an attempt to persuade her to vote for the radical Green New Deal proposed by the socialist wing of the Democrat party.

Senator Feinstein was having none of it. How dare those kids come in there and tell an experienced politician who won by a million votes in California how to save the planet?

Obviously, it was not a good look for her.  She should have said “Thanks, I respect your views and will take them into consideration!  I appreciate you lending your voices to these important issues which will affect all of us.”  You know, political speak designed to help you think she is on their side.

Of course, the little Eichmann’s were great a parroting talking points they barely understand, but it’s clear that the left is indoctrinating an entire generation into believing that a radical plan of pushing our country back to the stone age will somehow save the planet – which is not in any danger in the first place.

But it was funny to watch.



1 thought on “Umm..

  1. Well, it’s one of those “edited videos” that the Left is always whining about. The whole thing makes her look a lot better.
    But these kids have been primed by, and are accompanied by, adults who are just fabulously ignorant and self-righteous. A bad mix.
    OTOH, watching Lefties beat up on DiFi is always funny. The autophagy of the Left proceeds apace.

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