So umm..

Drinking Tea and reading

A lot has been happening this week.

I’ve spent the last several days prepping for some upcoming client workshops.  Work has been going quite well since Trump was elected. The windfall has been great!  Making America Great Again has been a boon for me and most people I know.  A few liberal friends of mine have reluctantly admitted they are better off now than they were under Obama.  Curiously, there is always that one Obama die-hard fan who manages to sneak in a “This is Obama’s recovery” nonsense.  There is some truth to his words but only if you ignore all the things Obama said, like “Manufacturing jobs won’t come back” and neither will the money.

Anyway, I’m considering a new saving tactic for my money:  Hiding it in an undisclosed location, like out of the country.  The Green New Deal Socialists – a re-brand of “Democrats” – are targeting billionaires to help them “redistribute their wealth.”  The party line at the moment is that being a billionaire is immoral while people with low skills are working long hours on less than a living wage, especially the vast majority of illegal immigrants in this country.  This is obviously solved by banning billionaires.

When the inevitable failure of this policy comes to fruition, they will come for the millionaires next.  Then the hundred-thousandaires.  And then everyone else. As it fails, more and more people will be branded immoral and thus deprived of their hard earned wealth – all because the great plans by these “elite intellectuals” like the 28 year old Brooklyn socialist who supposedly has a degree in economics.

The first casualty of this new “anti-wealth” policy is Amazon.  The elected leaders of New York and the city where Amazon wanted to locate its second headquarters spent many hours enticing Jeff Bezos and his management team to bring their wealth and jobs to Brooklyn.  After all, Amazon certainly would love to be in one of the largest progressive cities in the world!  They just wanted to get a few economic incentives that match those in a more “Trump friendly-MAGA-we-love-good-jobs” location.

Unfortunately, Amazon said the liberal climate was just too progressive and bowed out. Within the time it takes a photon to move from the outer corona of the sun and pass the orbit of Mercury, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio both criticized Ocasio She Guevara for sinking the deal that would have helped the city and state experiencing a lot cash problems like, businesses and wealthy people leaving! *gasp*

AOC’s supporters, of course, cheered.  They had successfully prevented big corporations and wealthy executives from creating a huge facility that would pay people above a living wage and offer opportunities for small businesses in the area to boom, creating a nice windfall of tax revenue for the government and elevating more voters towards a solid middle class.  The constituents have a strong leader, one who can stand up to corporations and keep them poor in a very badly run city that is slowly decaying in it’s own political rot.

Speaking of political rot, it appears the Ralph Northam, his Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General still have jobs despite breaking all the “Club Progressive” rules with their either past racist behavior or flagrant #MeToo violations.  Fairfax stands to lose the most with his potentially criminal behavior.  I believe he needs to stand his ground and allow the investigation to take place.  Whether he’ll make the best decision afterwards remains to be seen.

Northam, on the other hand, has promised to read “Roots” and some other writings of prominent black race hucksters as penance for his “bad choices” while in medical school.  And the Democrats in his state don’t seem to mind as half of those polled still approve of him.  Apparently, democrats in Virginia aren’t listening to their elite betters in Washington and on the campaign trail.

All this means is that Democrats can’t claim the moral high ground if they can’t enforce their own rules.  To some extent, removal of the top elected officials would put a Republican in charge and Lord knows that would be the WORSE THING EVER to happen. Living up to principles is incredibly hard. Screw the rules! Virginia will settle for racists and men who assault women to lead their state. It’s the best option to keep the democrats in power in lieu of a legal framework that supports their political views.

In the “hoax of the month” story, I heard that a certain actor, who claimed he was assaulted by a couple of MAGA supporters with a rope and bottle of bleach on the coldest day of the polar vortex, is having a credibility problem.  Police now say the investigation is no longer about Jussie Smollet being a victim.  The real crime here is that so many Chicago police department resources were allocated to chase down perps who didn’t exist.  Smollet was pushing a political narrative.

Instead of the media questioning the obvious problems with his story, they gave him air time as a victim. It didn’t matter that he might be lying; the outrageous allegations deserved a wide audience before all the facts had come in.  Hollywood celebrities and democrat presidential contenders attacked Trump and his supporters.  Even Actress Ellen Page tried to blame the attack on Vice President Mike Pence.

When it became clear that the media had backed itself into a corner, a new attack line came out:  Trump supporters should not be gloating, and that even if Smollett lied, there needs to be a conversation on hate crimes.

Let me see if I understand this:  Almost every hate crime that has been reported has turned out to be a hoax.  These hoaxes are perpetrated by anti-Trump individuals. When it becomes clear they are hoaxes, it’s still the GOP and Trump supporters fault?

It’s hard for me to take any liberal seriously, even those among my friends who claim that Trump supporters are full of hate, don’t like corporations and their jobs, won’t hold their own accountable, and actively cheer and support those who make false claims simply because they happen to be progressives.

In the meantime, I think I will start hoarding my cash and maybe buy some gold.  After that, just have to figure out which offshore safe haven to use.

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