The Burning Dumpster Fire of Democrats

Dumpster Fire

Even the fire-fighters are struggling to pick a side.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was interviewed by CBS’s Gayle King:

Meanwhile, his lieutenant governor is facing his own Brett Kavanaugh moment in refusing to resign from credible allegations of sexual assault by multiple women.  The Attorney General is having his own “Hold my beer” moment admitting he also did blackface.

Joy Behar admitted to dressing up as a black woman in her youth. Old video clips of other celebrities in black face have appeared. Who can ever forget Robert Downey, Jr’s performance in the 2008 spoof “Tropic Thunder” playing a black soldier.

Elizabeth Warren’s appropriation of Native American heritage appeared recently in the form of a bar admission application.  When asked about why she claimed she was Native American, she evaded by saying she was not part of a tribe.  Her DNA test showed a distant relative may have been Native American, but as FactCheck.Org pretzled it, it’s just a matter of how you interpret the test results.

What is for certain is that Elizabeth Warren purposely declared herself Native American with no evidence to back it up.  One of the big no-no’s of the Social Justice Warrior By-laws is that you cannot appropriate someone else’s race, identity, gender, or culture – especially if you’re white.

Warren hopes to use the feud with Trump to support her campaign.  In her first campaign event, she railed against him to avid supporters in the liberal city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  If she can portray herself as the bigger victim of Trump’s attacks, she might be able to draw support away from other candidates. Imagine having to lie about your heritage and then use it to run for President.  Only a democrat can do that.

Then there is this:

FDR was a bigger friend to Stalin than Trump is to Putin. Had FDR not acquiesced to Stalin in the Grand Alliance, millions of innocent people in Eastern Europe may not have perished.  During the war, he put Japanese American’s in prison camps simply because of their race.  If Thomas Jefferson is to be condemned for owning slaves, and indeed all founding fathers, surely FDR deserves the same.

FDR’s “New Deal” was a disaster.  He tried to pack the Supreme Court to get many of his unconstitutional proposals into law.   Had the Japanese not attacked Pearl Harbor, drawing the United States into World War II, the United States might be in a far worse place.  It wasn’t the New Deal that made the US become the power it is today; it was American ingenuity in the face of real danger at its doorstep.

The solution to Climate Change doesn’t even compare.  It’s rather the folly of inhaling the essence of cannabis and eating Doritos.

In the meantime, let’s all enjoy the fire with some popcorn.

1 thought on “The Burning Dumpster Fire of Democrats

  1. Actually, for Gayle King’s information, known -only- as slavery. Northam isn’t using an alternative description, he’s just minimizing what was done to Africans enslaved, not indentured, in VA. Indenture was a contract. It had a defined end. It applied only to the indentured persons, not too any offspring they might have.

    What Northam said sounds to me like something that a person who thinks blackface is funny would say.

    And I don’t think the Lt. Gov. is having a Kavanaugh moment. He actually is credibly accused, as opposed to a media chorus chanting “credibly accused” in the face of every fact revealed about the nature of Ford’s allegation (much less the even flimsier tales spun by others).

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