Let her keep talking.

raining popcorn

This is getting interesting.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or ¡Ocasio! She Guevara as my friend John Hoge calls her, continues to provide more comedy to the political dynamics within her party.  It seems she has managed to convince a few of the more stalwart members to join her in the ambitious “Green Deal” she is proposing to completely transform the country to preserve the planet and bring social justice.  Whatever.

She also claimed that illegal immigrants in this country have a natural right to be here because “they are descendants of Native Americans” and this was their land before British, or white people, colonialism.  No seriously, someone born in Honduras is entitled to come into this country because of some of ancestral right derived from immutable characteristics.

The media is giving her plenty of airtime, devoting entire segments to her proposals.  She has allies in the Senate who are also affirming their support. While specifics, especially costs, are lacking, the push is messaging – who wants to buy into this?

I see two areas of concern for the Democrats.  The first is the iron power in the hands of Nancy Pelosi and her old white guard. AOC has said in the past these people do not have her, and her ever-growing constituents, best interests in mind.  She is recruiting many of her democrat colleagues to support her ideas and it is showing success. This could become a rapidly formidable power bloc within the House, something Pelosi may not be able to deal with if the number of supporters continue grow in her caucus.

The other is the declared and soon-to-be declared presidential candidates.  AOC’s growing constituent bloc will be seen as a target group for the primaries.  Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have already endorsed AOC’s new Green Deal.  It won’t be long before Kirsten Gillibrand and Fauxcohontas herself attach to the plan.

At some point, someone is going to have to explain the specifics of this new deal.  The law professor supposedly advising AOC on her plan is a whack job himself.  When asked for specifics, he deflects to explanations of macro economics that have little to do with how exactly the plan is going to be achieved and at what cost – you know, those things important to voters, like how their money is going to be spent.

The plan itself is obviously not well thought out. Even worse, the plan has changed removing some of the more outlandish and hard to explain objectives like addressing damaging cow farts and ending air travel. In fact, all of it appears to be written by a hippy 9th grader cradling a bong.

Once the details start to come out, the plan and it’s naive supporters are likely to implode.  The peril staring at each candidate is when they go all in, they may not be able to distance themselves from the Titanic, or in this case AOC.  In other words, what is their escape plan when they become so moored as it starts to sink in the polls of public opinion?

Of course, Donald Trump is watching all this and set the perfect trap in the State of the Union. Funny how all of those Democrats were on camera showing no reaction to choosing American greatness, putting human sex traffickers out of business, stopping the killing of babies after birth, and preventing socialism from taking over the country.

Stock up on the popcorn.


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