Media failure.


Covington High School kids were unfairly targeted.  Journalists have a responsibility to accurately report the news; instead they were complicit in helping social justice mobsters attack innocent kids


Numerous videos were available from many sources and as L. Lin Wood shows, journalists are overtly complicit in promoting social media narratives.  Journalists rushed to frame the story along racial lines.

The events had a racial slant, but the media missed the mark. Instead, it was about how young white kids from a Catholic School offended people of color and not the degrading and overtly racial comments from the Black Hebrew Israelites.

This video creates a timeline based on videos from various sources. It reveals the truth with facts than the one which vilifies the students and paints the instigators as victims.  This is the kind of reporting one would expect from journalists trying to protect our democracy.

The Washington Post ad that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl is now more hollow than ever.  The fact they have to go on a PR campaign at all is quite telling.

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