Ghouls will be ghouls

Good God

And holes actually get deeper if you keep digging.

Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran wants people to believe that her bill to.. (squints) ..

“repeal the medically unnecessary and un-duly burdensome barriers that Virginian women face when they’re accessing this medical service in consultation with their doctor”

.. is solving a very serious problem in her state.  She says this bill has been introduced in the past. She claims many women from across the state have given their support for her actions.

Even so, she doesn’t present facts against the testimony she gave that started this in the first place:

According to her, Virginia already allows late term abortions under certain conditions after approval from a medical doctor.  In fact, almost 3 in 4 Americans support these kinds of restrictions.

In her testimony, however, she says the legislation removes all barriers to request an abortion at any point, including the ability of a physician to determine that the birthing process will affect the mother’s mental state or physical state, at the request of the mother.

Candidate Donald Trump had mentioned what would happen under his opponents leadership:

Hillary denied that would happen.  And yet, here we are.


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