What do these things have in common?


This should be easy.

Recently, the CDC released a report showing the birth rate in the US has declined to historic lows – so low that the current rate is not viable for replacement generations.

There may be some reasons for this.

The State Assembly in New York just passed legislation legalizing late term abortion, up to delivery.  The Virginia legislature is currently debating a similar law which goes further.

In an article from City Lab titled, “How ‘Vasectomy Zoning’ Makes Childless Cities“, city planners are looking at ways to restrict certain types of businesses from setting up in housing areas to prevent families from moving in.

The problem is likely much bigger than even these overtly anti-family measures in Philadelphia and New Jersey would suggest. Insomuch as zoning serves to block smaller, more affordable housing, the way we plan cities may be undermining the desire of young couples to start families. A former Massachusetts state senator coined a term for this phenomenon: vasectomy zoning.

Millennial’s have been experiencing a “sexual recession” where having families in their 20’s and 30’s are being discouraged by activists.  Teens are literally being taught that having children is bad.

All of these things have one thing in common:  The party of Andrew Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – the Democrat Party.

The irony in all this:  They seem to care a lot more about illegal immigrant children than they do about the children of US citizens. Indeed, they are now trying to encourage the killing of unborn children as a “constitutional right” and even celebrating their brazen stance.

I’m of the belief that we are inching closer to another civil war instigated by the Democrat party.  They seemed doom to repeat it.


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