Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

Good God

Racism is everywhere!

Let me see if I understand this:  A white teenage kid who smirks is racist?  An editor for the NYT agrees.

8 thoughts on “Dumbass Tweet O’ Day

  1. The old guy confronted a kid for no reason, got in his face, and was whacking his drum inches from the kids head. He’s lucky the kid didn’t pop him in the face.

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    • No, that was his actual goal. He knew he’d survive whatever confrontation he managed to provoke, because there’s no way this kid would actually try to kill him. They settled for a smile, because that’s all they could get, and they desperately spun that smile into a smug smirk, and just blatantly lied about the rest, because they didn’t know the other racists present, the Black “Israelites” had not only recorded but facebook-live’d the whole thing.
      I’m sure it will come as no surprise whatsoever here that Nathan Phillips has at the very least exaggerated his (alleged) military service. It will come as no surprise to me, if said service turns out to be entirely fictional.

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    • That’s why they’ve had to gin up “White Supremacist”. The number of actual white supremacists in this country is negligible. But they have to call you something in order to avoid dealing with debate.

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