So about that immoral wall..

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

It only took a week for the shutdown polling numbers to be massaged so that the media could run with buckets of democrat talking points.

CNN and ABC have released two polls.  CNN released a poll showing that a majority in their survey don’t want a wall, and that the president bears most of the blame for the shutdown.  ABC News released a poll showing that a majority of those surveyed blamed the president for the shutdown and that a majority of those polled don’t support the wall.

In both surveys, which are heavily massaged to create an outcome, the numbers in support of the wall have gone up.  To help minimize the contradiction of the actual popularity of the wall, both articles lead with Trump’s horrendous approval numbers on handling the shut down.

I’m not sure who these people are being polled, but one thing I find interesting is that it appears to be no one I know or have discussed politics with over the last couple of months.  I’ve put nearly 15,000 miles on airlines over the past few weeks traveling the country, and based on interactions with my fellow travelers, none of them appear to have beliefs matching answers to pollsters questions.

While the leftist media has been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to tweak the public’s emotional strings of federal employees suffering before they missed a paycheck, those of us in the private sector, while empathetic, are not exactly feeling like running into the streets and protesting.  Many of the people I’ve met with scoff at the idea that government workers, who have more job protections than any other sector, deserve special media attention simply because they are human – especially when the media shame people for having different political views.

What’s more shocking is the scant coverage of democrats, who are supposedly fighting for government workers as expressed on social media, playing on the beaches of Puerto Rico and getting to see the Broadway show “Hamilton”, all paid for by lobbyists. Some have said it was to raise awareness of those on the island still struggling from the devastation of Hurricane Maria which exposed the severe corruption of the democrats running the territory government.

Let me see if I understand this: This vacation is doing what, exactly, for the turmoil experienced by government workers?  The government is still partially shut down.  Are the people democrats supposedly support – who are living paycheck to paycheck – supposed to believe that fun in the sun is a major step towards resolution of their problems? Imagine all the hope they are receiving from the democrats posting to social media how much they care as pictures roll in of pedophile Senator Menendez without a shirt!

In truth, the democrats are showing just how immoral a wall is by going to the beaches of Puerto Rico, attending a play by actors who tried to push morality on Vice President Pence, and claiming this is to raise awareness for the plight of the local residents still struggling from Hurricane Maria.

Sure, they could say they have huge responsibility to all Americans.  Funny how those in Puerto Rico who are struggling get to see elected (liberal democrat) representatives enjoying themselves in luxury on those same beaches, while claiming they are having “important meetings” about the federal response to the hurricane disaster.

I’m sure the media will report to everyone how bad this is for democrats.

don't hold your breath



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