The Media claims I’m outraged over freshmen democrats .. stuff..

McCoy roll eyes Spock walks away

Fake news, anyone?

Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a dancing video while she was in school.  An anonymous account shared the “offending” video with some disparaging comments and the left has run with the narrative that Conservatives are mocking her.

However, not a single tweet in the article referenced any well known conservatives supporting the anonymous tweet in question.  I personally thought the video was cute.  What was missing was the number of blue check conservatives who were dragging the anonymous account in the first place, and there were many. Making fun of a young woman in this way is counter productive.  Let her just run her mouth and she’ll give conservatives all the material needed.

At the same time, freshman Congresscritter Rashida Tlaib, an anti-semite from the liberal city of Detroit, told a small gathering that she was grateful for the support from her constituents, but then added at the very end how the democrats were going to impeach Trump, describing him in a “colorful metaphor”.

Somehow, the media believes I am outraged over the language.  Trump has been called quite a few names, even being compared to Hitler and Stalin, simply because he is doing what he says.  A liberal democrat, who has a history of supporting genocide, calling the president a “motherf*cker” is hardly an offense worth mentioning.

The actual controversy the media ignores is that democrats on the campaign trail were advised not to talk about impeachment.  A number of democrats since Trump won in 2016 have been pushing for impeachment because of flagrant butthurt. Instead, they were to focus on more personal issues such as healthcare.  In fact, some ran on moderate principles and even on standing up to Pelosi.  Several vowed to not vote for her to be speaker.

What has happened is no shock to conservatives:  The moderate democrats have caved to the woman who will take your head off.  Even so, Pelosi’s talk of not entertaining impeachment proceedings is now, “Well I’m not going to stop free speech” even though she maintains the public persona that impeachment is not warranted.  It’s the same maneuver she and the democrats are accustomed to doing – changing positions as often as the wind.

It’s laughable that anyone expects democrats to have principles when they abandon them so frequently.  The media, being the dutiful soldiers they are, help push false narratives, aka fake news.. The next themes to appear will include the word misogyny and sexism.. oh wait, Pelosi has already using those words in response to the fake blow-back to Tlaib.

But yeah, me and many conservatives are supposed to be outraged over a dance video and vulgar name calling of the president.  I’m certainly not outraged by those things. I’m just outraged that two people in this country – anti-semites and racists who claim to be about fairness, equality, and inclusion – are now elected representatives and the media is completely silent.

2 thoughts on “The Media claims I’m outraged over freshmen democrats .. stuff..

  1. I agree – the movie clip was cute. To me, it was the first time I think I have seen this lady not pretending. She seemed to simply be enjoying herself.

    And Leftists/Democrats/Progressive do have principles: Power first, everything else second. Do as I say, not as I do. It’s not illegal when we do it.

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  2. These are the same pundits that went after Kavanaugh for supposedly attending drinking parties and participating in gang rapes. But criticize a communist for acting the fool while in High school (just like Kavanaugh was suspected of doing) is bad for conservatives But turn about is fair play

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