Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez breathed income inequality scrubbing toilets.



If you’ve read the story of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, you realize that much of her anger is from her father passing away at an early age and he did not have a plan for taking care of his family.  They were a family of means until his death.  Being forced to work long hours and helping her mother, she saw consequences that has led her to believe that it is government policies that need to change rather than her father who chose not to ensure his family’s well being if he were to suddenly pass away.

I’ve always carried life insurance so that my (ex) wives and kids would have the means to live comfortably.  A good father and husband always considers the “what-ifs” that may cause hardship.  For Ocasio-Cortez, her life took a different path and instead of recognizing that personal responsibility is a highly valued trait, her ideology is based on how the government failed to help them while she scrubbed toilets of her wealthy neighbors.

This is what led her to embrace the principles of socialism, even though she says she is a “Democratic Socialist”.  She was lured by the false stories of how the ideology could solve societal problems, not recognizing that where it exists in some countries have very different political structures.  And even in those countries, it’s not a paradise.  You’d never know that because advocates ascribe the failures to “defects of implementation due to lack of human education or corruption” and are therefore, unimportant.

Even so, she was elected to Congress in a district that is overwhelmingly liberal in a city that continues to decay because of poor democrat policies.  And now she’s in Washington trying effect change.  When she realizes that it won’t happen as quickly as she wants, she’ll seek higher office.  Unless her constant gaffes get her first.


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