TDS Tweet O’ Day


I don’t know about any of you, but I have noticed on twitter that Trump Derangement Syndrome is becoming an epidemic.

Before Christmas, liberals were falling over themselves about all the things Trump is doing wrong since the midterms. Well, to be fair, in a typical day the media will focus on the most inane things and make it a national scandal.  For example, when Trump was joking to a 7 year old about believing in Santa, the media decided to run with it.

Thousands and thousands of words were electronically generated to share how the President almost gave the secret of Santa away, despite years of liberals pundits who were saying it was time to retire Father Christmas as his ties to the christian religion made him unpalatable under Obama.

We all know the pundits and media have picked a side.  They continue to create controversy only to get burned later.  The day after Christmas is no different.

I’m looking to document and study this affliction, so I’m publishing a new feature:  Trump Derangement Syndrome Tweet O’Day.  Here are a few that have made the rounds today:

Montel Williams thinks sick children coming into this country and dying is a result of Trump’s immigration policy; that General Mattis and him are at war; that Syrian pullout was a gift to the Russians; and that Trump, despite increasing the value of the stock market by 50% since his election, crashed it when it dropped 20% and implied it was going to get worse.

Alyssa Milano decided to take issue with Trump not visiting troops, and tweeted it within a mere few minutes after Trump landed in Iraq.  Soledad O’Brien threw out the most insane conspiracy theory ever.

Earlier today, a friend of mine tweeted that Trump had landed in Iraq while I was out running some errands. I busted out in laughter as NBC had tweeted late Christmas night that Trump had yet to visit the troops and made a big deal of it.

December 26, 2018 – Trump owns the libs and he didn’t even have to try.  Montel Williams is letting billionaire Trump live rent free in his head.  And the media is beside themselves trying to spin their way out of their failed narrative.

I foresee a lot of posts for this new feature.

4 thoughts on “TDS Tweet O’ Day

  1. “delivered a nice Christmas gift to Vlad (Syria)”

    What stupidity. Syria has been a Russian client/ally so long it was a major plot point in “Alas, Babylon” — a novel about a post-nuclear-war world written 60 years ago.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I forsee you having multiple dumbass tweets of the day regarding TDS…
    its gonna be hard to pick the absolutely stupidest one….

    there may be days where you’ll have to do multiple posts due to libtwats trying to out stupid each other..

    I’ll bet gettng more popcorn…

    Liked by 3 people

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