Bonus TDS Tweet O’Day


Hollywood executive producer for a comedy show now telling us about Air Force operations for the President.

I think Bill Prady produces a pretty good fictional show. I think his fictional mind has moved over to reality.

Air Force operations to support the President are part of the DoD budget that has already been funded.  President Trump is free to fly on Air Force One as necessary.  Not sure where Prady gets his information, but one has to believe the president’s plane is partially unavailable for Trump to go to Mar-a-Lago for the real conspiracy theory – the entire trip for the troops is a mere diversion for the New Year’s Eve party where ticket holders are “guaranteed access” which liberals HATE.

The New Year’s Eve event and the trip for the troops were planned well before a government shutdown took place.  There are still a few days left in the legislative session to re-open the government before the party, assuming Democrats also want to end the shutdown and provide funds for border security.  Even if the shutdown continues through the beginning on 2019, elected members of Congress will most likely break, ensuring those laid off will continue to stay that way.

Also, Prady was completely silent when Obama was using Air Force One to travel to many events where ticket holders were guaranteed access to the president.  Obama even traveled to a fundraiser after the Charlston church massacre and a few other events. I’m sure Prady was one of those ticket buyers at one of those fundraiser which explains why he is so upset. /sarc

5 thoughts on “Bonus TDS Tweet O’Day

  1. “…where ticket holders are “guaranteed access” which liberals HATE.”

    they only hate it when a non democrat does it…they had and continue to have absolutely NO problem with the Clintons pay to play guaranteed access when she was Secretary of State….

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