Didn’t see that one coming..



I’ve been out of town for business, again, in this Trump economy and things are going to be busy for over the next several months.

For a particular individual in South Carolina, however, the same story continuously repeats itself:

I saw this on Wednesday, but was a bit busy with more pressing matters.  On Friday, Schmalfeldt elaborated a bit further in a tweet that has now mysteriously disappeared.  Fortunately, my friend and zombie extraordinaire managed to snag it and it’s captured in this article here.

It would seem he’s traveling back west, this time to Montana in the northern plains to try another gig, hoping management would not use the internet on him.  For a guy who has held so many gigs, his actual reputation was borne out of his fetid character as a person rather than his self-described amazing talent.

The disappearance of the tweet shortly after the Zombie captured and posted about it could mean a couple of things:  He forgot that people were watching him (highly unlikely since we know he keeps coming back for more PLM on a regular basis)


He @ mentioned a couple radio stations on one of them took notice and checked him out. Perhaps that placed a call to him that didn’t go well.  The tweet AND his new handle with NMB (New Media Broadcasters) is now gone.

I was out for four days and he was hired and fired in that window.  Can’t say I’m shocked.

But this never gets old.


22 thoughts on “Didn’t see that one coming..

  1. The thing is, “hired and fired in four days” isn’t even a record for him. But I doubt he was fired – they just told him to not use anything related to them in his personal Twitter spews. Hence, the disappeared handle. I’m going to wait until he is actually “on-air” for a day or two before I do anything. How many radio gigs has he lost since he messed with my wife? Do you think he will ever make the connection?

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    • One of Schmalfeldt’s funniest diatribes was when he spouted off that John Hoge was going to “reap what he sows” if Hoge didn’t stop posting about him.

      Somehow Hoge has managed to avoid repercussions – mostly because Schmalfeldt plays Tic Tac Toe while Hoge plays 3D Chess..In fact, Schmalfeldt is not even on the same board. And yet, Mr. Bill think’s he’s the smarter of the two.

      Even more ironic: Schmalfeldt can’t even suffer the repercussions of Parkinson’s Disease. He was almost dead, twice between 2014 and 2015. He even claimed his doctor said his life was shortened by engaging in a legal battle he eventually dismissed with prejudice. Three lawsuits later, his Parkinson’s has magically retreated in remission. Or perhaps, the disease could no longer stand being associated with him.

      Will he ever make the connection about his short employment at any gigs in relation to his intrusion on your marriage? Better question: Do you think he’ll ever realize he’s just not a very smart person and he will never be anything of consequence for the rest of his life?

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  2. So how often does he hold a gig long enough to cover the bus fare to head out and lose the gig?

    I mean, as a former GS-13 editor he’s gotta be pulling in low six figures, right?

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  3. I like figuring out ‘how things work.’

    So I went to the Greyhound site. Turns out you can’t get to Havre, MT from Myrtle Beach, SC. I was surprised the greyhound.com site doesn’t automagically calculate the closest serviceable city; but it doesn’t. I had to eyeball a alternative. You CAN get to Helena. My theoretical trip starts on December 28 and returns on January 25. Paid rent for a month might as well use it, right?

    Costs between $250 and $368 and the trip requires 76 hours 10 minutes (3 days) with 6 transfers. Helena to Havre is 204 miles over an additional 3 hours 8 minutes and I have no idea how Bill will cover that final segment. Too cold to hitch and all that.

    Pretty tough trip for a old man with Stage Eleventy Parkinsons WHICH, as we all know, never ever gets better. Know, however, that Greyhound busses all have Wi-Fi; so that will greatly help with ‘the shakes’ and any other withdrawal-type symptoms.

    Another 3+ days to get back to Myrtle Beach. Alternatively…


    I checked, and yes indeedy, Radio Pacifica still exists. It’s more than one station, which I didn’t know, and here’s how Wikipedia describes the umbrella org:

    “Pacifica Foundation is an American non-profit organization which owns five independently operated, non-commercial, listener-supported radio stations known for their progressive/liberal[1][2] political orientation. Its national headquarters adjoins station KPFA in Berkeley, California.”

    Californ-I-A being closer than South Carolina I recommend Schmalfeldt hie himself IMMEDIATELY to Berkeley. Apply in person. Let Radio Pacifica see the winning personality up close. Run a demo or two using REAL radio broadcaster equipment. Let them see the piercing political analysis. Take the opportunity to eyeball the Berkeley college babes, too. Nothing but upside.

    Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose!

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