Where “Climate Science” gets stupid and inhumane.

Got to be kidding

Sharks will become right handed once the climate warms.

Over at Livescience.com – which is a leftist propoganda website thanks in part to the leftist “journalists” that have been hired – comes the story.. er. .study..  of some scientists who make the claim that a warming planet will make sharks right handed.

From this laughable article:

Australian scientists went snorkeling for shark eggs, then incubated those eggs in a special tank designed to simulate the hot, end-of-century temperatures expected to prevail if climate change continues unabated. Half of the sharks died within a month. The other half became right-handed.

To test whether warmer waters could force a shark to become lateralized, the researchers collected a clutch of Port Jackson shark eggs from the waters off of eastern Australia. The scientists incubated 12 eggs in a tank warmed to the current ambient temperature of the bay (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 20.6 degrees Celsius) and 12 others in a tank that was gradually warmed to 74.5 degrees F (23.6 degrees C) to simulate those predicted end-of-century ocean temperatures.

Uh huh.

Nothing in the article itself shows that scientists did anything other than just raise the temperature of the tank. More than half the sharks either died or were euthanized from the warm tank.  Then they put the sharks in a long tank with a Y configuration to see where the sharks would swim. Most went to the right.  The ones in the control group didn’t seem to have a preference and went one way or the other.  That doesn’t mean the sharks would be right handed, it’s entirely possible that the sudden warmer temperatures affected the sharks in their embryonic development as a result of temperature, not the climate.

The first question anyone might ask is this:

How does a small tank of water (compared to the ocean environment they were originally found) and heating the water proves anything about climate change?

I’m not a biologist, but I have experience with salt water aquariums.  Species that are removed from the oceans and placed into these environments take time to adapt.  If the temperature of the water suddenly rises a few degrees, the animals are going to suffer unless changes to the tank are made to compensate.  It takes an incredibly amount of work to get a tank stabilized and requires monitoring to ensure the environment is capable of sustaining the life forms it supports.

But there is another glaring problem: The scientists moved eggs from their natural environment to an artificial one with warmer water.  It did not take into considering micro-evolution.  What did they expect to happen?  The sharks would be normal?

This results are because of warming the incubator which altered embryonic development – not climate change.  The reason?  They skipped the natural process of what happens to the egg layers as the oceans warm.  They didn’t take into considering changes that may occur in the oceans with warmer water or behavioral patters animals might make in reproducing. In other words, micro-evolution and species adaptation.  Instead, it’s “let’s take these eggs in this environment and just see what happens if we make the environment more hostile because all the sharks will be exactly the same between climates.”

This is what passes as science.  And even worse, innocent animals were killed in this botched scientific effort to push a narrative.  It’s not the climate that is hurting the species – it’s these idiot humans who claim to be scientists.



1 thought on “Where “Climate Science” gets stupid and inhumane.

  1. Oh, I’m pretty sure they knew exactly what they were doing. They “gradually” warmed the tank over the incubation period, rather than the -century- normally predicted (but always de-emphasized) for such warming to occur. They knew there would be a deleterious effect. The primary goal was to get the grant, and therefore a paycheck, and the secondary goal was to justify more grants to “study” this almost entirely imaginary “problem.”

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