Climate Change is dire and in vogue now…


Ever since the Democrats won control of the house, the rhetoric is ratcheting up from the usual suspects.

In Poland, Patricia Espinosa from the UN Climate Conference is declaring the world is in a state of peril and that action must be taken now. All signatories of the Paris Climate Accords are there to produce new talking points and slogans designed to raise the alarm that if we don’t revert to a less developed society, as well as make the elites more rich and powerful by giving up our cars and stop buying carbon producing products. The planet is set to go above some random target of 1.5 degrees C and all hell will break loose.

The “evidence” they share is the toll from misleading headlines, reporters staging gruesome pictures, and the destruction caused by singular hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts that aren’t all the common, but are important to push a narrative. In other words, the human tragedy from these events, while technically aren’t related or caused by CO2, are a direct result of humans not caring about their mythical carbon footprint.

While it’s true that dangerous wildfires, major hurricanes, extreme storms, and droughts have been around since, well for hundreds of millions of years, activists want you to believe the ones since the 1990’s are certainly a result of me, you, and most people I know not buying an electric car and not installing solar panels on my house.

For Democrats in this country, the time to panic and act recklessly has never been more important.  Over at the website Americans for Tax Reform, they report that a new bill is being introduced to implement a carbon tax scheme – because we all know that the planet’s climate is controlled by both CO2.. and taxes.  And of course, giving money to the government to solve a problem it spent billions trying to convince is real will obviously solve the problem.

The real goal, as has been exposed by those investigating the globalist elite, is that climate change is not about addressing problems with climate, but rather a means to redistribute wealth and keep the power players in money and power.  You can easily discern this when you just look at the data itself and the failed predictions over the last thirty years.

That isn’t stopping the leftists, though.  I personally believe our society benefits from a warmer climate. Indeed, there is quite the archaeological record that proves major advances in our society happened during warmer periods.  Even during the last several millennia, the planet was warmer when civilizations expanded their reach across the globe.

The scientific fraud that is being perpetuated is that life cannot adapt to a warmer environment. Direct evidence both geologically and through anthropology proves this is false. Of course, the sun, entering a grand minimum, may have the last laugh.  What do you think happens to the reputations of celebrity scientists who get it wrong?  History will decide.


1 thought on “Climate Change is dire and in vogue now…

  1. Nothing happens to celebrity scientists who get it wrong, since “celebrity scientists” is an obvious oxymoron. Celebrities never get punished when they get it wrong unless ordinary people simply quit paying attention to them

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