The French are revolting


I don’t mean that as a personal attack, although I’ve met a few from France who were less than appealing.

In France, a tax on diesel fuel is being applied in January 2019. The purpose of this tax is to “persuade” those who drive with diesel engines to abandon them in favor of cleaner electric or hybrid models.

Some European countries are slated to phase out the combustion engine by 2040.  Norway wants them phased out by 2025.  The push towards more cleaner energy is a good thing, but the methods being imposed here has caused France’s citizenry to say, “Hang on there, Macron..”

Reaction has been volatile and strong.  Protests in Paris, and expanding to other cities, are causing widespread damage to property and human life.  The protesters, dressed in yellow vests, continue to express outrage over rising fuel costs because the elite have decided they want to force the electorate down a different path.

Climate Change, clean energy and other leftist motivations are part of the driving force of Europeans wanting to be more “planet friendly.”  However, with France’s short lived economic recovery becoming a problem, more government taxes aren’t sitting well.

In other words, in France, the government has decided to impose its morality on the citizens via taxation. The citizens have decided to respond.

And liberals have been telling me how much better it is to live in Europe.

6 thoughts on “The French are revolting

  1. The most ridiculous thing is that, for example, a VW Golf diesel gets almost 50mpg, requires no exotic manufacturing processes, and has a pretty long expected useful life. All of which adds up to a far smaller carbon footprint than a Prius.

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