Dumbass Tweet O’Day



So this happened.

It was in response to Joe Bigg’s tweet who tweeted this article.

Democrat Eric Swalwell is willing to use the US nuclear arsenal on us citizens to take away your guns.

I realize that they hate Trump.  While Democrats ran on healthcare, it was just to mask their real intent on gaining power.  This is an example of the power they want to wield.

Healthcare doesn’t matter to democrats.  It never has. It’s about an agenda of power to force the electorate to be dependent on a liberal philosophy where the democrat elite get the final say in how you live your life.  Moderate republicans who voted for democrats because they didn’t like Trump clearly did not think this through.

I’m willing to put up with stupid things the President says, but in the end, he’s never suggested that he’d do something so radical as nuke citizens to make them give up their guns.

Is it any wonder why conservatives, people from rural America, and just decent patriots don’t want a coastal majority to rule everywhere?


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