Oh boy..


In case anyone believes that reporters don’t pick sides.

Besides reporting just the facts without editorializing, reporters also help keep the government transparent to the electorate.

What this basically says is, it’s OK if Comey does it because others in government do the same thing, not that it runs afoul of laws and regulations.  While Democrats preen over a constitutional crisis of the president’s legal authority to fire a cabinet member, they don’t particularly care about the rule of law when it applies to people who oppose Trump.

You would think that John Harwood would expose the number of government officials who are violating US laws and regulations to conduct government business with private email accounts.  It is also odd that he doesn’t seem to understand how this practice can lead to government corruption and lack of accountability.

Is it any wonder why people just don’t trust the press?

2 thoughts on “Oh boy..

  1. you’d think someone at Harwood’s level could understand there is a HUGE difference between using a private email ADDRESS, and using a private SERVER to receive/send email.

    but then again, I sure he does but it helps to misdirect attention from what Hillary actually did by comparing it to something else that other idiots in government do all the time….

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    • Yes, it is OK to do this if you:

      1. Copy all business emails to your department, as they are public records. This must be done in a timely fashion.

      2. Don’t put classified information on an unclassified system. EVER.

      Hillary blatantly and willfully violated both of these rules early and often. Violations of #2 are felonies. Hillary racked up lots of them and anyone not quite so connected would go to jail for doing them.

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