The Left’s retreat to Racial Animus


Or as they say, Trump Derangement Syndrome Level III.

The Democrats message over the last few months has been on healthcare.  Earlier polling had suggested that they should focus on that issue and ignore immigration. Democrats figured that if they could paint republicans as wanting to take away your health care, they could help sway undecided voters who could be the tipping point in close house races.

Pundits have already forecast that democrats will win the house. Number crunchers are peddling statistical models that show this is practically in the democrats bag.  Nancy Pelosi has already declared on the Stephen Colbert show that democrats will win and she will be the next speaker.

Except there is this pesky caravan.  Forced to take on immigration, democrats first said that Trump was afraid of these poor migrants and political dissidents just looking for a better life. Reporters interviewed members of the caravans.  Turns out, there aren’t any political dissidents and they expressly state they will not be stopped from reaching the US.  When Mexico attempted to stop them at the border and offer asylum, the “poor dissidents” overran the blockades and attacked Mexican authorities while walking behind flags of Honduras and Guatemala.

Several reporters also did the unthinkable:  They identified criminals within their ranks, some with records in the US.  More were MS-13 gang members.  Many, though, were just looking for a better life.  Not a single one was looking for asylum. They were intent on breaking US immigration laws and use the loopholes within the system to gain entry in order to start a better life.

Democrats then changed their line. Obama called them poor refugees and questioned why the administration would be so threatened by a rag tag group just wanting a better life.  Some on CNN called them people of color just looking for work and for Trump to want to prohibit them from coming into the country is racist.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted a new ad showing the illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes wanting to kill more cops.  The often-deported criminal sits in jail waiting for execution and promises to escape and kill more police. Legislation that has come forward to fix the immigration system to stop more illegals like Bracamontes from entering the country, was rejected by the Democrats in the Senate.  They were willing to bide their time

Media outlets created outrage by saying that all illegal immigrants are bad people and is racist (they keep using that word but don’t understand what it means.)  They even suggested that Trump’s use of the word “invasion” was nothing more than a racial dog whistle to rile his base.

And yet, it seems odd that media pundits would work so hard to create these false narratives unless there is a real concern for democrats.  It’s hard to counter a message as powerful as illegals killing law enforcement.  Certainly, not all immigrants want to commit murder, but a vast majority of the electorate want immigration reform and to fix the problems associated with illegal crossings.

In the Trump environment, democrats are the most triggered because he not only talks, he acts.  The President doesn’t waste time with vacuous words and stump speeches.  When he’s not at a rally overflowing with supporters, he’s hard at work addressing national issues.  He had alluded to using the military as means to enforce immigration laws and now he’s taken the step of augmenting the Border Patrol’s infrastructure.  He didn’t make the decision in an irrational manner – he took the time to know what his legal options are and developed a plan.  Is it any wonder the military is moving equipment so rapidly before the ink has dried on the order from Secretary “We don’t do stunts” Mattis?

For their part, Democrats see this as alarming at the ballot box.  Such moves by Trump can only be seen to embolden voters who view the President as continuing to act on his campaign promises. Democrats have no choice but to take the rhetoric to a lower level in hopes of convincing voters that voting for Trump is the same as voting for a white supremacist or even Hitler.

For their part, the democrats have down played the ad and the media’s response as nothing more than Trump being scared of the healthcare message they say is resonating among the electorate.

Is it?  Over 40 million votes have been cast in the mid-terms and we still have a few days to go.  Many states are reporting record Republican turnout, and historically, Republicans also turn out heavy on election day itself. All norms have been shattered within the Trump era, but pundits are relying on history as means to say Democrats have the advantage.

Do they?  Guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

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