I voted today


I received my mail-in ballot last week and mailed it this morning.

It was probably the fastest I’ve ever filled one out, partly because I had already researched the critical candidates and voter initiatives ahead of time.

I always vote, even if it’s clear that my vote doesn’t or won’t affect the outcome. It matters because it’s a right guaranteed to me and so I exercise it.  It’s better than the alternative.

Democrats want power. If they are willing to scrap the rules that don’t work in their favor, you can bet they want to oppress those who oppose their view.  All you have to do is look at the mobs.

4 thoughts on “I voted today

  1. I voted today, too–just walked into the BoE and did it.

    I pass the BoE back and forth everyday; the polling place is not on my normal route and it always seems to be pouring down rain on election day, anyway.

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  2. I voted today also, we still have giant trees laying all over the place, just got power back, internet will be out for weeks most likely but early voting open on time and has had a heavy turnout.

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