Jobs v. Mobs


Mobs are the new Democrat Party.

Senate Majority Leader and Republican Mitch McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, were harassed at a local Lexington restaurant by a few diners experiencing some sort of mental lunacy.  Once again, Republican politicos are faced with brazenly deranged constituents intent on blindly following the orders of their Democrat overlords like Senator Corey Booker and Representative Maxine Waters.

Some diners were sympathetic and came to McConnell’s defense forcing the lunatics to retreat, and good on them for deciding enough is enough.  Despite the national spotlight of yet another instance of mob mentality, not a single Democrat politician has come out and denounced this latest provocation.  Their continued refusal to condemn and forays into whataboutism could be the jet fuel need to complete a painful red wave sweep of Congress.

After democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee, despite the help of Senator Spartacus, failed to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, recent polling has shown the chances of democrats taking the US House has plunged significantly.  Key races once considered a lock are now toss-ups and the number of seats possible to keep control have become within reach of Republicans.

The Democrats have recently pivoted towards a message of healthcare and social issues meant to shore up their waning enthusiasm.  It’s no secret that internal polling shows the Kavanaugh hearing has caused independents and moderates to sway towards Republicans. In tight races within the margin of error, those voters could be the pivotal swing votes needed to stave off the mob wave.

There are 16 days left – which means 16 days of unforeseen news cycles that will have pundits making pretzel arguments to help keep Democrats energized even when they make cringe-worthy headlines such a harassing politicians at restaurants and airports.  Polling shows that a vast majority of Americans disapprove of such tactics.

And there is no expectation that liberals will get tired of their new mob mentality.  Indeed, while he hasn’t been impeached, indicted or abducted by aliens, President Trump continues to inflict damage to liberals hippocampus each day he remains in office. Scientists may be able to find actual evidence of Trump Derangement Syndrome before an autopsy.

So to help keep up the pressure, a new talking point has emerged to deflect from Democrat silence. Maxine Waters let it be known that it was Trump who started the liberal mobs during his presidential campaign. She says violence against the protesters was encouraged by Trump.

Let’s not forget that violence at many of the Trump rallies were instigated by paid liberal activists precisely to create chaos.  While Trump did say he wanted to punch a protester, he never called for supporters to actively go out and harass others.  He just didn’t want the protesters to disrupt the rally.

But when power is at stake, you’ll say anything even if it goes against norms of civility.  While the media continues to express hope the Democrats will at least take the US House, the “enthusiasm gap” has all but disappeared.  Both Biden and Trump were in Nevada attempting to energize their respective base.  Trump has tens of thousands, including overflow, at his rally. Biden could barely muster 500 people to hear him say “malarkey” twice.  He also asserted this was not the Republican Party of our fathers.  Not so sure about that, but for certain, this is the Democrat Party of Jefferson Davis and George Wallace.

So what do you think happens if the Democrats fail to turn the House blue and the Republicans manage to get close to 60 in the Senate?  I would say a lot of mob crying. In the meantime, Americans will just have to settle for higher wages, better jobs, and more winning.

(PS love the title of this)

3 thoughts on “Jobs v. Mobs

  1. I feel like I’ve written this before, but I have to say it again. I truly don’t know why the democrats are such whiners. I get it. They lost. They are sore losers and have no power. They hate Trump for whatever reasons. I truly don’t know why. Is it just because they think he is mean? I don’t think he is. But isn’t it true that sometimes the A-holes get the most done? I truly don’t know how anyone can’t look at how the country is going and can’t say “F#$%. I hate the guy but the economy is doing well.” They have nothing to run on except that they don’t like Trump.

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    • They don’t care about getting things done. They care about being in power. They aren’t, so that’s why they will get increasingly violent until they either regain power or are taught a hard lesson about violence. Antifa have learned to run from the Proud Boys, even when Antifa has the advantage in numbers. The restaurant mobbers and such have yet to acquire such assiduous tutors.

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