An Exact Match Problem


Someone is probably glad they don’t live in Georgia.

The latest brouhaha over state elections laws is in Georgia. Some 53,000 voter registrations are held up because of mistakes made on forms.  Such mistakes includes names, social security numbers and other information that is different within the databases of Georgia’s state agencies.

Some are calling it racist because most of the 53,000 registrations belong to minorities.  Most of those registrations were submitted by voter drive groups targeting minorities.  These drives always manage to start deep in the cycle when groups are trying to get voters to sign up and sway the election.

Still, if an individual shows up at a polling place and produces one of six accepted ID’s approved by the State, they will be able to cast a ballot.  Poll workers are being trained on how to determine if a voter meets the requirements.

And yet, the democrats, who knew the law and didn’t properly train their non-profits on how to help voters fill out their registration are blaming the secretary of state and calling him racist.

On the other side – if only you were required to spell your name properly when filing a lawsuit.


2 thoughts on “An Exact Match Problem

  1. Hey, the Democrat Blue Wave, especially in Georgia, includes illegal aliens. Of course it’s racist to keep them from voting! Just ask the black lady running for Governor.

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  2. Rather racist of the left to assume it’s primarily minorities who can’t properly register. Also rather racist of them to not register minorities properly.

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