Ye’s lack of influence in politics aside, it’s funny watching the meltdown of the left.

Whoever thought that Kanye West, a popular rapper, successful musician and businessmen endorsing Donald Trump would cause so much anguish and vitriol on the left?

Since West’s meeting with Trump, the media’s response has been overwhelming racist, even among this black pundits paraded across viewers screens.  CNN’s Don Lemon laughed at a guest’s surprising comment saying “This is what happens when negroes don’t read.”

One of the ways racism reveals itself in Washington elitists – read those vying for power among the top political and media circles – is how they disparage those who don’t conform to leftist doctrine.  I often wonder how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, would respond to someone like Kanye who is more interested in seeing others elevated rather than living on the Democrat plantation.

The irony in all this is their use of pejoratives phrases “Uncle Tom” and “house slave” as if to suggest that Republicans with black supporters are akin to slave owners. No one has mistaken Kanye West as a spokeman for republicans or even the conservative movement.  He aligns center-left.  And yet his support for Trump is a direct repudiation of the anti-Trump left akin to a slave trying to get away from its masters. To try and counter the obvious, they just claim Trump is a white supremacist and allege West is a supporter by association.  Dumb, but when have democrats ever been accused of being smart?

The personal attacks are not new, but this raises the question of whether democrats have the ability of self-awareness.  While many leftist pundits have called his meandering commentary as unhinged or spewing racism (it isn’t), they seem intent on misrepresenting West’s actual words.  True, he was all over the place, but thoughtful people will recognize his core message – he cares about his community and he sees Trump’s success in lifting blacks out of poverty and improving their economic freedom as key to the black community having real power.

This, of course, raises alarm among democrats. And to help the liberals understand this, CNN, MSNBC, and other leftist outlets sent out their black representatives who proceeded to attack West with a full barrage of ridiculous smears and assault on his race.

By doing this, the media has shown their hand – they will use overt racism in order to attack Trump.  Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo suggested that Trump was having racist thoughts while listening to West’s oration.  In other words, Cuomo was projecting his own racial bias; it was an opportune time to use it to further a narrative.

For myself, I particularly don’t care for celebrities expressing their political opinions.  My position is that they all, including West, keep it to themselves.  They have a willing media platform eager to share their views, especially if they hate Trump. West’s meeting has the opposite effect in which the media wants to paint West as unhinged, mentally ill, and even racist to suppress his view, simply because it doesn’t conform.

Still, the irony in all this is the argument leftists push of celebrities visiting Obama and how conservatives can criticize while supporting West.  I don’t know that any conservatives were rallying around West’s message. The entire point being raised was the hypocrisy of the media in their never ending gushing of Obama and how quickly they turn when a celebrity comes out for Trump.

In other words, the media has picked a side and they aren’t hiding it.  Having a black rapper expose it is even funnier.


5 thoughts on “Huh.

  1. What’s interesting to me is that my wife is watching (as she always does) Saturday Night Live. SNL has spent the past two years bashing Trump as much as possible. Tonight the cold opening was anti-Trump but pretty mild. Weekend Update all but ignored him. A picture of Kanye hugging Trump opened the segment, but Trump was not really mentioned again until the end where the picture was put up again and Kanye was basically called crazy and Trump was literally called a White Supremacist.
    I get the feeling even the SNL writers are beginning to understand that what they’re doing is really helping Trump but they don’t know how to handle it. Reality may be biting them in the *ss.

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